Friday, December 15, 2006


I received a call from TM Tiaratot a few minutes ago.. it was out of my expectation.. Aisya was offered to enter Tiratot (2yo class) beginning January 07.. I was out of words, neither saying No nor Yes.. I don’t remember sending the application for Tiaratot, and don’t expect any offer all this while.. I asked the lady I will call her back soon with an answer.. I paused, called hubby and discuss, a lot of questions came thru our conversation, such as..

Will she be happy at the new place?
Will she easily make new friends there?
Will there be a lot of toys?
Is she ready for a change?
Can she take bath as early as 630am before going to her new school? (uh uh)

After all, I guess we are the one who worry too much.. I told hubby, sooner or later, we have to let go the nursery Aisya is attending now once we move to Shah Alam next year (insyaallah).. it’s not easy, neither for us nor for Aisya, off course.. Aisya was with the nursery since she was 2 months old.. she loves the place and the people whom taking care of her.. However, I think we will have more time with her if she is in Tiaratot.. I could visit her during lunch time, maybe.. and if she fell sick, I can easily reach her for doctor.. we can have breakfast together every morning and I can fetch her as early as 540pm everyday.. Nowadays, we only manage to get home at 7pm the earliest! And most of the time, it’s already dark outside.. Sometimes, Aisya fell asleep already and we really pity her and feel sorry for her.. :( (bad parent, huh!)

After a while, I called back the Tiaratot lady and answer Yes, though we still haven’t made a firm decision. We need to register her on 8th January and still have plenty of time incase we want to change our mind.. What’s best for Aisya shall be best for us.. Hope we are making a wise consideration about this! May Allah bless us!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aku sekarang..

Nak muntah
Nak demam

Aku suka..

Minyak mestika
Gula2 trebor oren
Buah oren
Tido awal

Aku tak suka..

Mandi malam

Aku allergy..

Bau rokok
Bau makanan

Aku kesian..


Bila aku nak kembali normal ni? :(

Monday, December 04, 2006


btw, happy birthday my lovely sis, Ms Nurul Husna... ingat Allah selalu.. ingat mak & ingat kami juga.. study rajin2, nanti dapat duit banyak2 bleh blanje me a new handphone, ok? he he he..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Grown Up Aisya

She has too many boy friends; I assure that, especially last night. Just after I fetched her from her school and place her in the car, she suddenly act out and scream ‘OTTOMEN TANGKAAAPP!’ tergezut mama.. macam boy! But most of the time, she’s still my little sweet naughty girl. She'll sneak into my bedroom, dig out my drawer full of tudungs, pick one whichever she likes, and ask me to adorn her with it (see picture).

Often, me & hubby arrive home late and end up fetching her late too. But we’ll make sure to have some quality time with her, playing and tickling her around the house before she doze off. Sometimes we play the nenek-nenek-si-bongkok-tiga game and spin around until she fell down, and giggles; a lot of giggles. Sometimes we play picture-guessing game. She just loves that, especially when we draw out ELMO, her favourite! Last night, we laughed at her loudly and left her questioning. Hubby drew a picture of a mug on a piece of paper and wait for her to guess, and you know what. She confidently said ‘AIR MELO’ loudly. hehe. I found it soooo cute.

Lately, i notice she's started flipping thru the Quran and at times she does imitate me performing solat. Quite a few times I saw her taking the holy Quran from the shelf and put it on a pillow, seat politely and recite Bismillah in her own style (quite hard for me to imitate :). Immediately, I’ll recite ‘alif’ ‘baa’ ‘taa’ (though it’s not Muqaddam. will get one for her very soon) and she’ll read after me, and stop after reaching the letter ‘kho’ or 'shim'. I just don’t know why, maybe cannot catch up already. heh. But as long as she's interested in reading Quran, I’m more than happy. yeay! =)

Aisya my dear, sometimes I just don’t want you to grow up. Just be the naughty you, just like you today. But mama knows that’s impossible. Do be a solehah, brave, generous and knowledgeable grown up! Do love Allah the most. And InsyaAllah He will love you more. Mama loves you so much sweetie!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Aisya turns two..

as usual, i'm the most laziest mom to update her blog.. left it with sawang all around for weeks! hehe

oh, by the way, Aisya has turned 2 on Tuesday last week.. we actually brought her a birthday cake prior to her birthday, just for the sake to celebrate it with her Tok Cik and Tok Jang at Tok Cik's house in Serdang.. however, she doze off to sleep a bit earlier and we had no option, to cut the cake without singing the birthday song to her.. i captured a picture before we finally cut it..

apeda kedai nih.. 2nd la bukan 2th! isk..

fortunately, there's some leftover and we brought it home.. the following day, we had a small celebration on ourselves.. Aisya was so delighted to blow the candles and she even cut the cake by her own.. she sang "Happy Puyu" loudly and giggled all nite.. I did gave some advice to her, telling her that she's already a big girl and she must listen to her mama & papa and always be a good girl.. she nodded with her eyes staring at the candles without a wink! bertuah anak mama..

papa ke Aisya yg tiup lilin??


Aisya dear, we love you so much, no matter how naughty u are.. :) We surely feel empty without you.. jangan nakal2 kay?

p/s: sorry we haven't had time to buy you a pressie.. But I'll make sure you'll love it!
p/ss: mama was not in the picture coz mama malas nak pakai tudung.. :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

the office is still empty.. only a few have returned to work.. yg lain2 still enjoy makan ketupat.. jelesnye :P

balik kampung..
we all balik kampung on friday, 20th October.. pukul 730am bertolak dari Puchong.. and we arrived in Kota Bharu at 430pm.. 9hours jugakla tapi smooth journey.. lambat sbb speed limit semua dah turun.. this year the whole week beraya kat KB sbb Kedah banjir and we don't want to gamble balik Kulim.. takut stuck tgh jalan.. so dapatla dok lama sket kat KB.. the longest holiday in KB rasanya sejak2 ada Aisya (exclude the confinement period la).. we return to Puchong last Saturday, bertolak from KB around 745am.. we arrived at Makcik's house in Seri Kembangan at 5pm.. jalan jam kat MRR2 yg the worst.. along the way ok jer, just jam sket kat pekan Raub..

anyway, as of today i'm stiil starving for ketupat & rendang.. i think i don't have enough during the raya days.. isk2.. well, this year's raya i reall2y enjoy cooking.. takdela apa sangat pon.. tapi best sbb semuanya habis licin.. tuh yg tak sempat makan ketupat sepuas2nya tuh.. my menu goes like this:

day 1
[+]nasi tomato + ayam masak merah + dalca daging + acar timun
[+]sate ayam
[+]ketupat nasi + nasi himpit + rendang daging

day 2
[+]roti jala + kuzi ayam
[+]sate ayam
[+]bihun goreng

day 3 dah tak masak pape dah.. sbb kitorang plak nak pergi beraya.. pepagi lagi dah carik nasi berlauk kat pasar sbb nak makan nasi biasa je.. then throughout the day makan je apa2 yg balance from the day before.. nasi tomato tu 1st time try buat & seb baik menjadi.. rendang and kuzi ayam mmg masakan kemestian every year.. semuanya chef tak sempat nak enjoy makan, just enjoy tgk orang makan jer.. tapi perasaan tgk orang enjoy makan tula yg paling puas!

visit mak..
i visited mak twice.. tanah kubur dah ada orang tolong cucikan semak.. just tinggal sket2 jer tertinggal.. pokok kaktus kat kubur mak tumbuh sehat.. i brought some live stone (batu sungai) utk letak kat kubur.. letak live stone ni supaya dia pon boleh berzikir to Allah.. i like the tranquility being at the graveyard.. kalau dulu masa kecik2 sure takut nak melintas tanah kubur.. tapi skarang kalau pergi sorang2 tak takut pon.. bila dok kat kawasan kubur, terasa fragilenya nyawa kita nih.. sekali disentap jer dah melayang.. betapa kerdil & lemahnya kita ni.. lagi nak angkuh2, sombong2.. to mak, i love you so much.. hari raya kami tak pernah seindah masa mak still ada.. hati ni sunyi sangat rasa biarpon telinga bingit dengar riuh rendah tetamu yg datang. tak sempat kami nak membalas jasa mak yg tak terhitung.. miss you so badly :(

utk rumah puchong, mmg takkan buat openhouse (sama la mcm tahun2 lepas) coz my house is so small and has very tight space.. tapi jemputla datang beraya ke rumah ye kengkawan.. just call me eh! insyallah akan kumasakkan apa2 yg kureti.. hehehe

p/s: esok b'day anak dara yg ke 2thn.. tgh dok plan nak celebrate kat nursery dia..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eid Mubarak

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p/s: jemputlah datang beraya ke rumah di Kota Bharu.. call dulu, nanti saya tunjuk jalan..

Monday, October 16, 2006

cerita basi..

lame betol tak update blog.. sejak sebelum pose, sampaila dah nak raya.. so, maknanya dah sebulan tak update.. hehe.. mood pose ni makin malas plak jadinye.. dgn blog skali pose.. time idea banyak, jari plak malas nak menaip.. so end up, sawang.. banyak citer sebnanya..

awal ramadhan..
2 hari nak ramadhan, hubby admitted to SJMC.. demam tak kebah2 dekat 2 minggu.. tetiba je temperature boleh reach 40'C.. then sejam lagi dah normal.. then malam jadi balik.. pelik sangat.. tuh yg doctor suruh admit utk senang monitor.. sedih sgt sbb hari 1st nak sahur hubby takde.. sbb tanak sedih, mlm tu aku angkut Aisya pegi rumah Makcik kat Serdang, so takdela lonely sgt.. hubby stay hospital 4 hari.. so berulang alik jugala ke hospital.. ada skali ni sahur sorang2 tetiba Aisya bangun temankan.. si Aisya makan nasi teman mama sahut.. hehe.. happy sgt dia ada..

tengah ramadhan..
balik kampung hubby kat Lunas, aku yg beriya ajak.. yela.. mak kandung dah takde, so kita numpang kasih kat mak mertua.. siap sms kat mak cakap nak makan nasi carrot dia.. the day kitorang sampai kat kampung tuh mmg mak masak nasi carrot feveretku.. huhu.. best gile rasa.. best jadi menantu sulung & tunggal setakat ni.. blehla nak ngade2, takde saingan.. hehe..

end ramadhan..
last week, kete kitorang cium bontot wira masa nak keluar junction.. mmg salah kami pon.. terbang duit tak pasal2.. dahla nak raya.. kadang2 tuh terlalu konfiden bawak kete pon parah juga kan? so kenala banyak hati2.. and "sholy sholy" bak kata Aisya.. maknanya slowly.. apa2 yg jadi ada hikmahnya.. insyallah bawa kete balik kampung ni lebih hati2.. lebih berhemah..

about puasa..
puasa tahun ni, aku banyak memasak as compared to puasa tahun2 lepas.. utk sahur mmg tiap2 hari bangun memasak nasi & lauk.. baru 2 kali tak makan nasi.. hubby nak nasi so masak la jugak.. sempoi2 pon jadila.. utk sahur biasanya tak perlu berkuah sangat pon.. lauk berbuka tak carry ke sahur sbb tak biasa.. hubby nak lauk fresh.. goreng kicap pon jadila.. utk berbuka kalau sampai rumah pukul 6, masakla jugak.. tapi selalunya 630 baru sampai.. sempat beli jela.. lauk tunjuk2.. all in all, aku puas dapat masak for hubby.. kalau bukan bulan puasa, mmg tak sempat nak masak dinner kat rumah.. insyallah tahun depan kena bersemangat mcm ni jugak..

about raya..
raya tahun ni macam juga raya tahun2 lepas.. takdela meriah sangat.. teringat kat arwah mak.. sunyinya rasa takde mak.. kalau dulu beriya sangat nak balik raya.. skang ni biasa2 saje.. time mak ada sanggup booking tiket flight setahun, burn pon takpe.. asalkan bleh balik kampung slalu.. miss you mom..

baju raya Aisya takde yg baru dibeli.. semuanya dah dikumpul sekian lama.. banyak baju yg MIL & A'ty Yuyu bagi.. lain2 tuh baju2 yg sedara2 bagi.. mama belikan Aisya sket2 jer.. tiap kali pegi Jusco mmg tahan nafsu jer dari dok belek baju budak pompuan.. geram.. dah belikan Aisya baju kurung cotton kat Jusco.. dah alter pon sbb semuanya labuh.. utk diri sendiri dah tempah baju 3 pasang.. takdela kain grand2 pon.. tahun ni tahun berjimat.. so beli kain biasa2 jer..just for the sake menambah koleksi baju kerja.. utk hubby dah tempah sepasang baju melayu, tak siap pon lagi..

utk rumah, dah tukar langsir baru utk bilik.. takdela niat utk raya pon.. just coincident.. tak beriya pon sbb pk nanti nak masuk rumah baru.. so spend seminimum mungkin.. kuih raya pon tak banyak beli.. just mencukupkan korum.. duit raya pon dah tukar tadi.. tapi tahun ni cut budget sket.. hehe.. semuanya nak kena berjimat..

about Aisya..
Aisya dah banyak mulut.. semua nak report kat mama.. menyanyi and humming all the time.. kalau senyap tuh, tidola maknanya.. makan pon banyak.. kalau tanya dia Aisya nak makan nasi ke tak.. dia jawab "nak nasi, chicken, ayam, sayur, sup.." dah pandai pilih menu.. dia akan ulang sampaila dia dapat makan.. dah pandai angkat bakul sendiri.. asyikla nak tgk cermin.. and nanti dia cakap "omelnyee.." perasan betol anak mama ni.. tiru siapa ye.. hehe

hemp.. kan dah panjang..

Thursday, September 21, 2006


ingat nak pergi bercuti, around 3 to 4 days.. saje nak bawa adek2 jalan2.. tapi kat mana ye best?? since it will be next year's January, takut plak tengkujuh or tsunami.. agak2 yg mana ok?? Pulau2 dah kena reject awal2..
  • Labuan (ni cam pulau jugak kan?)
  • K.Kinabalu
  • Kuching
  • Padang (huh.. shopping heaven)
  • Jakarta
  • Bali
any idea?? baik kan Airasia offer tiket murah? kalau idak, sure tak berjalan.. huhu

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

dia merajuk

petang smalam aku pegi gym yg dah lama tak jenguk.. habis dalam pukul 7 tapi hubby ada kerja lagi, node down.. hubby fetch dah pukul 9 lebih.. kesian hubby, tu pon kerja belum settle.. tapi sbb belum ambik Aisya, kami kena juga balik.. nursery tutup pukul 10.. dlm kereta aku diam jer sbb sedih terbayangkan Aisya menunggu mama dia.. dah tidokah dia? sedihnya kalau tak sempat main2 geletek2 dgn dia before tido.. hubby drive laju sangat sbb takut terlepas pukul 10.. nanti apa kata makcik nursery tuh, ambil kesempatan plak diorang nih.. mentang2 nursery tutup lambat... sigh..

sampai jer depan nursery, sebelah rumah dah gelap.. 1 side jer masih terang.. dari luar aku nampak Aisya baring dlm pangkuan makcik nursery kegemaran dia sambil pegang botol susu.. aku masuk dan minta maaf kat makcik tuh sbb sampai lewat.. dia cakap dia tak kesah cuma dia risau sbb aku belum sampai.. takutla apa2 jadi.. aku panggil nama Aisya a few times tapi dia tak berpaling pon.. sedih sangat rasa.. anak mama merajuk.. aku ajak dia balik pon dia buat tak tahu jer.. takde reaction.. hati mak mana la tak sedih tgk anak merajuk sbb lewat fetch dia.. Aisya maintain senyap sambil aku borak2 sekejap dengan makcik tuh..

5 minit lepas tuh Aisya bangun dan datang close to me.. aku dukung dia, peluk erat2 dan cium berkali2.. lepas cakap bye2 kat makcik, aku minta maaf dengan Aisya.. "Aisya, mama minta maaf.. lainkali mama cuba balik awal kay?" Aisya senyum sambil tunjuk2 cicak kat dinding.. ya Allah, lembutnya hati dia.. lebih kurang macam aku jer, kalau ada orang minta maaf.. senang jer cair.. saaaaayang Aisya.. anak mama very the good girl! masuk car terus nyanyi2 dah mula kelas vocab dia, sambil tunjuk2 sana sini.. =)

p/s: dia dah pandai perasan cantik.. kalau tanya siapa cantik? dia jawab " Aisya tantik.." sambil kelip2 mata, gaya malu2..

azam Ramadhan - part 2

dalam hati rasa nak buat sendiri jer biskut2 raya tahun ni.. kunun2 nak cuti raya awal sket and balik buat kat kampung.. tapi, terlarat ker dgn anak gadis seorang yg sangat 'rajin' menolong ni? dia sure nak tengok, kacau dan sebagainya.. sure dia yg paling kalut, as usual.. =)

dlm tengah dok tanam minat nak buat biskut sendiri, tetiba terpandang biskut2 contoh yg dah mula membanjiri ofis.. and kebetulan ada pula tester, sedapla jugak.. and harga not so bad.. hempp.. fikir punya fikir, jimat juga kalau beli sedikit.. jimat tenaga & masa.. bukan nak makan banyak sangat pon.. just mencukupkan syarat hidangan di hari raya..

so, i ended up ordering 2 jenis biskut yg harganya tak mahal sangat tapi rasanya sedap.. hehe.. tumpas juga akhirnya.. tapi insyallah akan buat juga sejenis dua biskut yg senang2.. and mungkin buat kek sendiri.. makanan di hari raya pon dah tak tempah dah sejak mak takde.. sbb kitorang takde duit banyak nak menempah.. mak dulu banyak duit.. =) hehe.. so, dah jimat jugak tuh, kalau semua masak sendiri.. harap2 azam part 2 nih berjalan lancar..

+ buat biskut (1-2 jenis)
+ buat kek (1-2 jenis)
+ buat kuih siput/popia kecik dgn kakak
+ masak juadah hari raya


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Personal Financial Planning - Part 2

sambungan dari part 1 yg dah lama di post.. the same typical excuse, malas & kunun2 banyak keje.. hehe.. tetiba terbaca pasal credit card usage dekat one of the blog i read this morning.. so here i'd like to share my tips.. Alhamdulillah i'm practising it so far:

(+) use CC wisely, dont let it use you
> do not misuse, i use it coz i dont prefer bringing cash (malas beratur kat atm). plus bleh dapat points!
(+) take advantage of interest free period
> pay immediately after swiping it. i never wait for the bills. u know how much u've used, so just pay ok.. i usually use maybank sbb senang nak bayar online..
(+) watch out for annual fees
> if your CC have annual fees & you are a good payer, call them and ask for a waiver. they'll put u on reccomendation (maybank did this)
(+) don't spend more than what you can afford
> know your pocket size ok?
(+) practice RM0 CC balance
> or at least put it to the very minimum.. ingat, jgn menyumbang kepada riba k?

Monday, September 04, 2006

azam Ramadhan - Part 1

emm.. my budget went off track for the last 2 months.. duit dlm kocek tinggal nyawa2 ikan sementara tunggu gaji masuk.. huhu.. sedih bangat =( most of the expenditure increases:- groceries, dine out, hp bill, baju & etc.. nampak gaya, bulan puasa ni kenala berjimat cermat.. anak baru sorang, rumah belum kena bayar, kereta baru satu, dah kena korek duit simpanan.. sedih sedih.. =(

pikir2 balik, ramadhan would be a good start to berjimat-cermat by cooking relisgiously! so, before ramadhan started, kena tanam azam sersungguh2 nih.. besides saving some money, dapatla makan healthy food as compared to outside food.. less oil, less MSG, less salt/sugar, less fat, less calories.. =P mungkin boleh kurangkan sekilo dua.. hehe

but, since cooking might consume a lot of time, i have to cook smart! (not just study smart eh) tanaklah spend the whole night cooking & preparing meal for sahur.. Ramadhan is the only month to perform solat terawih, so i must not miss a chance!

here goes my to-do list, that i need to prepare before ramadhan comes in:

1) prepare a 1 month meal schedule utk berbuka & sahur, considering for berbuka maybe akan dine out skali skala for social gathering
2) kupas bawang merah, bawang putih & bawang besar, blend siap2, masuk dlm tupperware & simpan separuh dlm fridge, separuh kat freezer
3) cili kering direbus, kisar & tumis siap2 bersama bawang, & asam/garam/gula. masukkan dlm small2 container. nak buat sambal udang nanti, just add in udang & tak perlu masak lama2 sbb cili dah masak
4) borong lauk-pauk utk stock 2 minggu terus. siap siang semua & simpan dlm plastik2 kecik utk every meal. taruk dlm freezer
5) stock some ikan kering, telur masin & tepung cucur Adabi for emmergency days
6) prepare some favourite kuih frozen; karipap ke, popia ke. paling cikai pon nugget ayam (kena blaja buat sendiri ni)

rasanya cukup dah kot planning utk 1 bulan Ramadhan.. kalau berjaya simpan duit, blehla continue after raya nanti.. hehe.. berusahalah!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


1) MIL, FIL & adek ipar datang ke rumah sempena cuti sekolah last wiken.. happy ler jugaks sbb ni 2nd time diorang sekeluarga dtg cuti ke sini.. 1st time dulu masa Aisya still dlm perut.. =) Aisya memula cam pelik sbb tetiba ada strangers kat rumah dia.. pastuh lepas sejam dua terus ok.. ngam habes dgn Wan & Tok dia.. sampaikan tgh malam pon sibuk nak main dgn Wan lagi.. the weekend was well spent.. sampai nak tercabut kaki rasanya.. bukan slalu nak layan tetamu, so kenala layan habis2an.. on Saturday pegi Nilai sbb MIL teringin sangat.. so, sampaila ke Nilai3 yg tak pernah dijengah walaupon dekat jer.. around 4 jam jugakla kat sana.. MIL shopping sakan! me? beli 2 pasang kain & 1 pasang utk hubby.. beli khat & langsir jugaks.. sengkek pon membeli gaks sbb bukan senang nak dtg Nilai.. dikorek juga duit savings, huhu.. takpela.. kire shopping utk raya.. seb baik duit ada sikit, kalu banyak kalu tatau la.. tak sampai suku pon kitorang round Nilai3 tuh.. so, next time blehla datang lagi jengah tpt lain plak..

2) me tengah obses dgn beberapa cerita di channel 17, especially on Monday nite sbb ada Numb3rs, House, Nip/Tuck.. kat channel 18 ada Prison Break, baru smalam tgk sket2 & nampak menarik sbb hero hensem.. =) CSI for sure tak lupa.. tapi sbb terlalu banyak CSI, so takdela menunggu sangat.. tapi cite House, sangat2 suka.. especially smalam nyer pasal budak 9yrs old yg kena kanser & takde harapan nak hidup sbb ada blood clot kat otak.. yg paling terharu sbb budak tu sgt kuat semangat & tanak mati cepat sbb nak temankan mak dia.. her mom cannot live without her.. nak tahu lebih lanjut kena tgk ulangan.. malas nak type..

3) sakit kat kaki kanan tak hilang2.. bertambah2 la sakit bila last wiken asyik berjalan je.. smalam dah call tukang urut kat KB, appointment Jumaat petang ni.. alang2 nak balik KB pon.. tak sabar2 nak menguruts! last urut masa dalam pantang..

4) teringin nak pegi jalan2 luar dari Malaysia.. Australia ke.. Indon ke.. New Zealand ke.. malas nak pk kekangan duit.. nak plan jer dulu.. MATA fair pon dah dekat.. tak pernah pon pegi luar negara, orang kata time anak kecik & still sikit laa nak berjalan pon.. bila dah bertambah commitment lagi susah... kalau takde duit, keluarkan jer savings.. haahaha.. mampos..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

ajim ke amim?

Petang smalam masa ambil Aisya dari nursery, mama tak perasan lagi. Sampai kat rumah pon mama belum notice. Lepas Maghrib & dinner mee sup sama2, mama bersihkan Aisya yang comot dengan kuah tumpah kat baju dan mee kat atas kepala. Tiba2 mama terperasan ada something kat lengan kanan dia. Bentuk macam ring, and red in color! Sah budak ni kena gigit. Mula la mama bizi bodi nak korek cerita dari Aisya..
"Aisya, ni sapa gigit Aisya?"
si Aisya sambil tunjuk2 kat bekas gigitan menjawab..
"a amim uat"
si mama tak puas hati sbb nama tu tak penah didengar, tanya lagi skali..
"Siapa buat? Amim?"
si Aisya lagi sekali menjawab..
"a ajim uat"
"a amim uat"
"a ajim uat"
huh, jawapan dah bertukar2 versi nih.. so, agak2 siapa yg buat? Ajim ke Amim? pelik, mama & papa tak pernah dengar nama tu kat nursery.. petang ni jugak mama siasat =P hehe.. ntah betul ntah idak anak mama ni..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

need help

kaki kanan ni still sakit lagi.. tak tahu la kenape.. dah 2 minggu dah, ke dah lebih 2 minggu.. sebab jatuh hari tu ker, ke sebab Aisya dah berat sgt.. nak pakai high heels pon tak lalu, sbb rasa tak best & takut tetibe cramp.. so terpaksala pakai flat pump ke ofis.. nak pegi mengurut di mana ye? alang2 boleh mengurut satu badan & bertungku skali.. sbb sejak beranakkan Aisya, tak pernah pon bertungku.. tapi kat KL ni sure mahal.. paling murah pon 50 kot.. ingat nak tunggu balik KB hujung bulan ni.. rm20 dah bleh urut satu badan.. tapi lambatnye hujung bulan.. sapa2 tahu kat mana nak dapat tukang urut best & murah?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I used to have that irresistible habit once (like Yati's in her latest post) when Aisya was still a small baby. Who on earth could withstand the temptation of baby's beautiful gowns and skirt? Plus if it's on Sale! After a while, hubby & I ended with too many clothes for Aisya, and some of them have hardly been worn, maybe once or twice. We finally figured out the bad side of being hooked to the habit to our financial track. Then we decided to buy only necessary things during our outings by listing all the needs before going out. Sometimes we ended buying lesser that we planned, especially on clothes and food. Plus now I'm really careful when picking up groceries or raw food at the market, because I hate throwing food into the dustbin because of expired or left uncooked in the fridge for too long. It's really a waste!


Sometimes the excitement of Mega Sale cannot hold us back from spending BIG, especially on shoes & clothes. But for food, we still manage not to get attached to expensive dining, enough for delicious food at reasonable price. Cannot afford yet maaa. We rarely (or maybe never until we get too rich) spend money on expensive things, but normally we'll try to look for branded things at a good bargain during Mega Sale. Saje laa nak merasa kan? Our priority would go for the price 1st, followed by the quality the brand (except for my shoes, quality & brand will be the 2nd priority - he he). That's why before buying or trying an outfit, we'll check the price tag 1st. It might looks clumsy to some people, but hey, we're the one who's paying ok & not to be hypocrite here. So, as for this year's Mega Sale, I think I want to score BIG as not to miss this once-in-a-year chance! Done with the Part 1 of my retail therapy last weekend - =P Shall proceed with Hari Raya shopping next weekend!.. isk tak sabarnye..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

10 Great Ways To Burn More Fat - By Raphael Calzadilla, eDiets Chief Fitness Pro

You’re so busy you have absolutely no time to work out, right? Wrong. It’s important that you make the time and I’m here to help you do it. In this busy world filled with work pressure, family and stress we sometimes have to use a lot of creativity to sneak in workout time.

I’ve constructed some quick tips to keep you moving, your muscles stimulated and your blood flowing in minimal time. Now you have no excuse.

Here are my 10 fat burning tips for people on the go:

1. When you first wake up commit to 10 minutes of continuous exercise. Choose only three movements and perform each in succession without stopping for 10 minutes. For example, Monday you can perform modified push-ups, followed by crunches for your abs followed by stationary lunges. On Tuesday you can perform free-standing squats with hands on hips, double crunch for abs, and close grip modified push-ups (hands 3-inches apart) for your triceps. Just 10 minutes! Just take a quick breather when you need it.

2. Perform timed interval walking in your neighborhood or at lunch. If it takes 10 minutes to walk to a certain destination near your office or in your neighborhood, try to make it in eight minutes. You can also do this first thing in the morning before work as well as on your lunch break.

3. If you have stairs in your home or in your work place, commit to taking the stairs a specific number of times. Tell yourself that you’ll take the stairs six or eight times (no matter what).

4. While seated, perform some isometric exercise to help strengthen and tighten your muscles. For example, while in a seated position, simply contract the abdominals for 30 seconds while breathing naturally. You can also tighten and contract your legs for 60 seconds. Perform about three sets per area. You’ll feel your muscles get tighter in just three weeks if you perform this a few times per week.

5. For about $15 you can invest in a pedometer. It’s a small device you can carry that records the amount of miles you walk per day. Each week simply try to add just a bit more to the mileage. For example, let’s say you walk one mile total during the day in the normal course of activities. Simply try to make it two miles total the following week. Just make a game of it. You'll burn more calories.

6. Tired at night and just want to sit in front of the TV? Try this technique: take periodic five-minute exercise breaks and perform some muscle stimulating and calorie burning exercise. For example, take five minutes and perform only ab crunches. Then, when it's time for another five-minute exercise break, perform modified push-ups for five minutes. Then for a final five-minute break, perform stationary lunges. Try to do as many as possible in five minutes and try to beat your amount of reps during each subsequent break. It won’t seem daunting because it’s only five minutes at a time, split over a 30 or 60 minute timeframe. Instead of rest breaks, you’ll take exercise breaks. You don’t really need to watch that new commercial do you?

7. How about performing one exercise movement per day for seven to 10 minutes? For example, Monday: free-standing squats for seven minutes. Tuesday: chair dips for seven minutes. Wednesday: crunches and hip lifts off the floor for seven minutes. Thursday: modified push-up for seven minutes. Friday: stationary lunges for seven minutes. It’s quick, simple and teaches consistency.

8. Want things even simpler? Take the longest route every time you have to walk somewhere -- even if it’s to a co-workers office.

9. Double-up the stairs. Everytime you take the stairs, simply take a double step or every other stair. It will be just like lunges and the Stairmaster combined. Great for the legs and butt.

10. Perform any of the above with your spouse or a friend. I’m sure you can find someone who is in the same situation. The support will give you more motivation and you just may find that you can create even more workout time for yourself.

Hey, I know this won’t make you an Olympic athlete or give you six-pack abs, but that’s not the goal. I just want to see you making an effort to improve. If you take two to three of your favorite tips above -- that will be the beginning of something great.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Aisya is 3 months to 2 years old. dah banyak vocab. mulut kepoh (mcm sapa ye) & pandai nanyi, tapi lirik sesuka hati la, besides lagu yg slalu dia nyanyi mcm burung kakak tua, twinkle2 little star, old mcdonald & i love u. normally semua vocab yg dia dah tahu semua masuk dlm lagu ciptaan sendirinya. siap buat gaya lagi. sayangnya mama takde videocam. video kat camera tak best.. alasan.. hehe

Vocab terkini:
+ akut (takut)
+ nashi (nasi)
+ polish (polis)
+ atash (atas)
+ olensh (oren)
+ kashut (kasut)
+ roshak (rosak)
+ o ayah (tok ayah)
+ yuyu (aunty uyu)
+ oo cik (tok cik)
+ nani (barney)
+ bila (nabila > rival kat nursery)
+ worm
+ ulat

..ermm apa lagi ek..

Yg herannya semua yg ada letter 's' dia akan replace dgn 'sh'. pelik gak sbb we all sebut betul, takde pelat2. camne la leh jadi camtu. pk2 balik, rasanya dia benchmark word 'fish', so semua yg dia dengar ada 's', automatic dia replace dgn 'sh'.. apa2 la Aisya kan? asalkan Aisya happy and be a good girl. sbb kalau naughty girl, nanti polish datang ambik.

"Aisya takut polis tak?" mama tanya..
"akut.." Aisya jawab dgn suara takut2..


Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to Saiful Imran..
Happy Birthday to u..

happy 23rd birthday big bradah!

p/s: for a birthday cake, pls come see me.. =P

Monday, July 17, 2006

getting ol'

She left on 4th July 2004, three days after I turned 24.. It was 9pm on my birthday when she told me she wanted to be admitted into the hospital.. She told me that she couldn’t bare the headache anymore.. She told me it really hurts.. Steroids didn’t work for her anymore.. I get her Morphine, but it lasted for 30minutes only and the headache came back.. I found myself struggling inside, not to burst into tears, to show that I’m strong and I could take good care of her.. But I failed to, and the tears insisted to gush out..

it was 1st July 2006 and I turned 26, and I don’t expect a celebration.. For this year’s birthday and for the years to come, let my birthday be not more than the remembrance on my mom’s departure.. and yupp, we arranged a tahlil for her on the night before..

I think my brother thought that he and the rest are responsible to make me feels happy that day.. Hence he bought me a delicious marble cheesecake from a nearby Secret Recipe, using his own money.. And it really makes my day (and makes me feel guilty as well for eating a huge slice!).. Gracias!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kisah makcik tua yg kurang a**r

Sakit hati & geram sangat2! me, hubby, my sis Uwu & Aisya are on the way balik kampung last Thursday & we all singgah kat R&R tu utk clean-up Aisya’s vomit, lunch & solat.. masa Mama solat, Aisya mcm biasa akan mundar-mandir kat depan tapi takdela kacau pon.. pastu Aunty Uwu suruh dia duduk tepi so that we all both can solat concurrently..

Adegan tak senang dilihat pon bermula bila Aisya terundur & terlanggar handbag sorang makcik tua yg tgh solat.. mtyka (shortform utk makcik tuh) yg tengah solat tetiba berenti solat, membongkok dan menjerit “patah spec aku! batal semayang aku! Bakpola dok biar budak kecik nih!” dan membantai blakang Aisya dgn sekuat hatinya sampaikan mama yg tgh solat pon ter’pause’ sbb bunyi kuat macam buah kelapa jatuh..

Spontaneously mama kerling towards Aisya.. she’s startled & began to cry.. sekuat2 hati sbb sakit & terkejut.. mana penah ada org pukul dia sekuat tuh.. mama yg tengah solat tetiba mengalir airmata.. kenapala anak mama dipukul.. tak patah pon spec dia tuh.. lagipon Aisya is still a small girl.. sayu sangat rasa.. Aunty Uwu terus dakap Aisya & lari bawak keluar surau.. mama solat sambil nangis dan lepas selesai, cepat2 doa pada Allah supaya Allah balas cash perbuatan mtyka tuh.. mama tahu tak patut doa macam tuh, tapi sakit hati dan sedih sangat2.. nak marah balik tak terdaya, maybe sbb still in shocked mode.. bingkas bangun lepas berdoa dan cepat2 dapatkan Aisya & Aunty Uwu kat luar surau.. Aisya masih tersedu sedan, while Aunty Uwu still nangis tak henti2.. everyone in the family sayangkan Aisya as if we all sayangkan arwah mak.. sbb dialah pengubat rindu kami kat mak.. she came to the world just after mak left us.. sbb tuh Aunty Uwu nangis horror sangat.. I know what she felt deep inside..

mama ambik Aisya bawak keluar surau & dapatkan papa.. Aunty Uwu pegi solat & I know she had a mission in her mind.. malangnya lepas dia solat mtyka tuh dah takde.. berbakul2 Aunty Uwu nyumpah makcik tuh..sampai je KB, mama citer kat tok ayah & I know already what he will say.. being him, he will go to the mtyka & patahkan spec dia betul2 sbb dia dah pon pukul his grand daughter.. (my dad used to do a lot of revenge.. hehe.. not to mention here) naperla tok ayah takde masa Aisya kena pukul kan.. kalau tak, puas hati mama.. now ni rasa ralat sangat sbb tak sempat beri pengajaran kat makcik tuh.. tapi takpelah, dah doa pon.. semoga Allah tunjukkan dia jalan yg betul.. ameen..

Friday, June 09, 2006


this whole week, sehari jer sempat balik rumah before 8pm.. other than that, semuanya pukul 9 ke atas.. kesian Aisya, sampai rumah dah ngantuk.. sorry dear we are working at long hours lately.. we'll pay back during the weekend ok? kita pi playground & mama bawak jalan2 kat shopping mall, tak pon pegi rumah Tok Cik kay? bleh tgk fish & main2 dgn Easy, the big tame cat! tapi mama prefer pergi IKEA, sambil Aisya main2, mama bleh berangan2.. (wink! wink!)

smalam sehari suntuk handle training for Sales & CSM region Tengah on this new system i've been working out with my colleague.. training pon sempoi jek sbb masa suntuk.. programming wise, mmg my colleague yg buat, but i think the initial idea mostly come from me.. satisfied enough? at the moment, yupp! this is my greatest contribution for the whole nation so far.. maybe not all people would realize that but i don't mind.. it's not a big deal if people don't know, as long as i myself felt satisfied deep inside.. insyaallah, i'll be leaving my current job in 1 year time.. it has been 2 years doing this job.. 1st year, i learnt.. 2nd year, implement changes.. and 3rd year, i should evaluate what i've done for the 2 years.. then, move to somewhere else, get something new to learn and repeat the cycle (^o^) kalau lama2 kat sini, berkarat otak ni.. herm.. teringin nak buat sales la plak.. (hihi.. gatal tak?)

Monday, June 05, 2006


last thursday lepas ofis terus balik kampung, rumah hubby kat Lunas.. memula plan nak balik Jumaat, tapi sayangkan masa travelling, sure abes 1/2 day atas jalan.. kesian hubby sbb drive malam ngantuk sangat2.. co-driver tak membantu langsung! hehehe.. pagi Jumaat kitorang pegi pasar Kulim, saje je sbb lamaa sangat tak pegi pasar yg betul2 pasar.. slalu pegi Giant, Tesco or Carrefour je kalau nak beli2 lauk.. tak pon kedai runcit dekat rumah.. abes banyak jugakla membeli lauk2 kegemaranku.. petang pegi Kamdar sbb adek hubby nak beli kain.. terbelila jugak sepasang utk diri sendiri, lagipon Kamdar tgh sale, so semuanya murah2.. Sabtu pegi shopping kat supermarket plak.. sale lagi! beli baju2 Aisya sket & hadiah anak2 member baru beranak.. yg paling best Baby Kiko sale sampai 50%! takdela banyak choice tapi kalau tekun mencari jumpala jugak yg lawa2.. hari Ahad pagi, dah tak buat pape2.. sbb tengahari dah nak balik.. sepanjang 3 hari kat kampung, Aisya hyper active sangat2! tido pon tak proper.. manjang tertido time main or makan jek.. smalam dlm kete asyikla mengamuk.. maybe sbb boring kot naik kete lama2.. bile dah sampai rumah, dia dah flat.. tapi bila nampak lego2 dia, bersemangat terus! barula kitorang prasan nape dia cepat sangat moody time kat kampung.. rupa2nya kitorang lupa bawak balik mainan2 dia.. hehe.. kesiannn Aisya.. =)

Monday, May 29, 2006

terlalu istimewa..

tiap kali dengar lagu Adibah Noor ni, mesti rasa sebak, sayu.. terasa air mata murah sangat.. if Kak Mie, Abang, Uwu & Adek dengar pon I'm so sure they'll feel the same.. mungkin situationnya berbeza but emotional wise, it is the same..

lagu ni ditulis buat seorang anak yg telah pergi menemui Ilahi meninggalkan ibunya kerinduan.. rindu tawanya, senyumannya, suaranya, wajahnya and the most is kasih sayangnya.. just like the five of us, the song really express what we felt deep inside..

Mak, semoga mak bahagia di sana.. semoga kehidupan mak sekarang lebih indah & lebih tenang setenang wajah mak sewaktu mak meninggalkan kami anak2 yang sangat rindukan mak.. dan sangat dahagakan kasih sayang mak..

Maklah erti kehidupan kami sekarang.. supaya kami terus bersatu dan gigih menempuh hari2 yang penuh dugaan.. salam sayang dari kami untuk mak yg tercinta..

Terlalu Istimewa

(Song : Azlan Abu Hassan , Lyrics: Adibah Noor)

Ku tatap gambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
Lirik senyumanmu
Pesona yang membelai
Wajahmu bercahaya
Memberi bahagia
Tiap yang memandang
Hati jadi salju

Kau terlalu istimewa
Kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
Tiada batasan terus membara
Terkilan rasa jiwa
Inginku lihatmu dewasa
Apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu

Ku pasti kau berbahagia
Duduk di sampingNYA
Mendengar cerita
Segala rahsia

Tak tertanggung rindu
Mendengar suaramu
Tawa mengusik jiwa

i was wrong

ingatkan dah takde nafsu bershopping, but i was wrong (haha).. belum sempat J-card Mid valley me+hubby dah pon selamat bershopping smalam @Alamanda.. hehe.. the idea was popped up by hubby early in the morning and for surelaa i say YEs! bukan senang hubby yg ajak nak shopping, it's kind of once in a blue moon! punyala lama tak shopping utk diri sendiri, asyik2 beli utk Aisya.. so smalam takde satu pon brg Aisya yg dibeli.. hehe (Aisya jgn marah yer..) Aisya dapat letih jela.. but i bet she had her own satisfaction there.. kebetulan ada kid's fair, so adala banyak mainan2 yg sgt interactive utk budak2 umur cam Aisya.. cumanya Aisya belum cukup matang nak masuk colouring competition! while waiting for hubby doing his shopping, i spend my time layan Aisya main susun blok2 kayu.. bz gile dia sampai tak heran pon kalau mama dia takde around her.. seb baik tak bergusti dgn budak2 laki lain berebutkan blok.. risau sgt takut dihepuknye kepala bebudak tuh, ataupon dia yg kena dulu.. nauzubillah.. memula pk nak beli gak blok tuh.. tapi bila pk balik, bahaya sbb Aisya belum pandai differentiate which one is hard and which is soft.. lagipon mainan tu utk 36months+.. cukuplah diketuk dgn benda2 kat rumah (dia guna Lego utk kejut kitorang bangun tido).. Aisya kepenatan bermain & berlari sampai tak terkejar (sambil bergelak gembira sbb ramai orang), lastly end up tido atas bahu kitorang.. kitorang main pass baton (Aisya) bila dah tak larat or bila tukar shift membeli.. nila jadinye bile anak tanak dok atas stroller.. cam pikul beras pon ada sbb berat dia dah lebih kurang 12kg.. but it's good for burning up the briyani calories we had at lunch! hihi..

so, at the end of the day, dapatlah sepasang sandal baru berwarna coklat at a very good price tapi bukanlah Clarks yg diidam2kan itu.. sebab Clarks mahal sgt2 eventho dia kata dah discounted.. tertipu sgt rasa.. dapat ala2 design yg diidamkan pon jadila.. plus i bought some skincare product, saje boring nak try brand lain.. hubby lagi hebat! boot bola, kasut, t-shirt.. nampaknya cuti utk J-card Midvalley terpaksala dicancel.. hee (sbb poket dah berlubang) =P

Friday, May 26, 2006

ding dong

always the same intro.. lamenye tak update.. (^o^)

[1] hari2 yg ceria bila dah dapat bonus & KGT & backdate.. tho tak banyak but alhamdulillah.. that's more than enough.. syukurla apa yg dapat, kalau tak puas hati, hidup pon tak tenang.. money is not everything kay?

[2] jelesnye dgn Yati pegi J-card member sale kat IOI mall.. sakit belakang pon boleh shopping kan Yati? pompuan.. pompuan.. hehe (gurau2 jek Yati).. actually takde nafsu sgt nak bershopping sekarang ni, tak taula kenape.. member2 kat ofis siap tukar henpon baru, hubby pon ada tanye gak, tanak tukar henpon ke.. tahle.. henpon2 dulu2 pon diganti sbb dah hilang/kena curik.. maybe bukan gadget-lover kot.. tunggulah henpon yg ada ni buat ragam dulu.. beli baju baru? rasa cam dah banyak sgt baju, yg jarang2 pakai pon byk lagi.. kasut baru? haa.. yg ni maybe akan dibeli dlm masa terdekat.. masih dok usha sandal2 Clarks tapi aduh mahalnye.. J-card day ada brand Clarks tak? looking forward for J-card member sale Midvalley.. tapi surely ramai sangat2 orang kan?

[3] Aisya skang dah banyak mulut.. tapi takdela paham sgt pon.. kalau dia merayu mintak sumthing dia akan taruk 'mama' kat depan.. 'mama nak', 'mama cucu', 'mama kut (biskut)'.. and dia akan sebut 'main' while pointing her finger whenever nampak Lego dia ataupon playground.. toys paling dia minat skang ni Lego.. sejam dia boleh main sorang2.. and cartoon dia paling suka Elmo's World.. tak berkelip mata dia tgk.. one more is Bear in the big blue house.. dia suke cite yg ada character talking to her.. kalau cite2 yg dia suka takde, mula laa merengek sambil cakap 'toon' banyak2 kali.. letih mama nak explain yg kat tv tu pon cartoon jugak.. kalau bab makan plak, skang ni makan banyak sgt.. pantang nampak food sure mintak.. and tak sabar sgt kalau nampak mama dia cedok food masuk bowl dia.. sure cepat2 dia kata 'ok' sbb dia nak bowl dia.. lagi satu suka sgt makan vitamin, bangun pagi2 lagi dah mintak 'mamin'.. dah pandai nyanyi sket2 sambil pusing2, menarila konon.. fav song dia 'burung kakak tua' and 'old mc donald'.. tapi kalau old mcdonald tu dia reti sebut 'e i e i o' & 'quack quack quack' je.. cuma smalam dia tambah 'meow meow meow'.. mama pon lupe bila mama ajar die.. kalau mama sibuk menulis, dia pon sibuk nak tulis jugak.. sambil conteng2 mulut dia dok sebut 'A, B'.. huruf seterusnya puas mama ajar tapi tanak sebut.. tapi yg kesiannye, slalu sgt kena flu.. bukan dia sorang tapi budak2 nursery yg lain pon sama.. everytime flu teruk sure end-up dgn makan antibiotik baru baik.. dahla serasi dgn ubat Dr kat Sri Serdang jek.. jauh tapi terpaksala kami pergi jugak.. tu jela yg terbaik sofar.. rambut plak tak panjang2.. cam boy pon ada gak dgn kelasakan dia.. setakat jatuh atas simen lutut calar2 tu takdenye nak nangis.. kalau petang/malam mama nak ambik from nursery plak dia tanak balik sbb seronok ramai kawan.. bila mama pura2 nak ambik tod lain barula buat2 sedih nak ikut mama balik.. macam2 keletah budak2 ni kan? and that is the cure of our end-of-the-day fatigue & badmood or even when we are having a quarrel!

[4] hubby & me dok berdebar2 nak tahu result intake EMBA UITM.. dah nak masuk 2 minggu tapi belum ada berita.. orang2 sekeliling plak dok sibuk tanya bila nak tambah anak lagi sorang, sebabnya kat ofis ni Rose dah nak bersalin nombor 2.. Junaida baru lepas beranak.. Nik Farah pon tgh sarat mengandung anak second.. jelesnya tengok.. bila tanya Aisya, nak adek ke tak.. dia kata 'nak'.. paham ke idak tak tahu la.. hehe.. kalau EMBA dapat masuk tahun ni, baru bleh plan ikut jadual semester kalau nak conceive.. tapi kalau tak dapat, ngandung dulu la gamaknye.. apply balik tahun depan.. nak jugak ambik UITM, sebab interview dia susah & eksyen sgt nak ambik orang.. jaga kualiti la tu.. rasa tak puas hati sgt kalau dia tanak terima kitorang.. haha, just challenging our own potential.. ngade kan? tapi that's not the only reason.. furthermore, location dekat dgn rumah we all nanti.. and kitorang nak merasa convocation yg grand tak macam MM*.. dah 4 kali pegi tgk adik & kakak convo kat UITM Shah Alam.. admire sangat.. plus, nak merasa blaja kat local U plak.. just to experience the differences..

[5] banyak keje sebnanya.. tgh buat manual utk new system yg Fakhrul Anwar buat.. gempak sgt dia.. bagi jek macam2 requirement, tak penah dia kata tak boleh buat.. cuma kalau yg susah dia akan kata, dia perlu masa lebih sket.. and result, tada!! menjadi jugak.. this new system will be replacing our unit manual proses of leased line infra checking practiced before.. macam CARES distribution la, cuma bezanya takde guna vendor utk develop.. hanyalah kepakaran org2 T* sendiri.. bukankah itu suatu yg menjimatkan?

[6] ok, it's time to stop & continue work...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my girl..

just posting some new pictures of my beautiful daughter, specially dedicated for her Aunty Uyu.. she's 1 & 1/2 years old now, and these pics were taken about 2 months ago..

what's up?

sigh.. been quite bz lately.. attended NGN course at MMC last week, and this week we are having an internal audit exercise for the unit, really hate it, and got headache already.. just wasting my time, papers.. and bla bla bla.. the 2 best things happened this week so far, besides the Mother's Day wishes & treat [1] hubby & I attended UiTM July-intake interview session last Monday and [2] my money-plant has grown up so healthily during my out-of-office days.. yeslahh!! so now i can grow some more plants for my house too (^o^) ..the scene i love most is to see some new buds coming out from the original stems.. what a success! and here i reveal my first ever plant, after 25 years of living! haha, that's true, i'm not kidding!

oh btw, i shall receive the result for UiTM-MBA admission in 2 weeks time.. and i found it not so easy for me, so, wish me luck buddy!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

'Selamat hari ibu. terima kasih di atas segala2nya. semoga hidup kita sekeluarga akan sejahtera dan diberkati sentiasa. sayang mama' - Hubby (tQ 4 the treat too!)

'Motherhood is a tough 24-hr job: No Pay, No day-off, at times unappreciated; & yet resignation is impossible! Just 4 U good mom, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!' - Kak Intan

'A mother is GOD'S love in action. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. A mother is the bank where her children deposit all their worries and hurt. A mother is the cement that keeps her family together and her love lasts a lifetime. Happy Mother's Day' - Safurah

'Happy Mother's Day - A mother is a person who seeing there are only 2 pieces of pie for 3 people promptly announces she never did care for pie' - Kak Zariah

'ePPy Mother's Day!' - Adek

'Happy Mother's Day' - Kak Mimi

Thanks ALL for the wishes!
to myself - May I become a good mother to my children and my family like Mak..
to Mak - May you be resting in peacefulness and serenity. May Allah get us together in heaven. ameen..

p/s: uwu, your wish pls?? ;)

Friday, May 05, 2006

the new thing'

it's been a while since the last post.. the workload is piling up as a result of me attended a 4days course at MMC last week and my staff was on leave for 4 days.. nothing much to write about.. planned to write more on personal financial planning learnt that day but maybe next entry lah.. just finished reading Yati's post about her renewed hobby - reading.. love reading but had never successfully ended it as a hobby.. love Sydney Sheldon's book (but didn't remember a single title, duh!), the storyline is fast and not dragging.. tried Jefrey Archer but never ended reading it.. so, the conclusion is, i'm really not a bookworm, unlike my twin friends, Aini & Aida.. they love reading sooo much, since ever i knew them 13 years ago (uhh, how time flies.. =)

oh, not to forget the new 'thing', it's actually to start being more nature-friendly, by doing some sort of gardening or maybe as a start, i rather name it as planting.. hubby was a bit skeptical when i first told him about this new thing.. started with this idea when we bought our house in Shah Alam, and I was so excited to have my very own-made garden later on.. Arwah mak loves gardening so much!.. she really loves to plant cactus few years before she passed away (and we did plant one of her cactus on her grave, as to accompany her there.. =) and I want to do things she like..

to begin, requested some money-plant from my Aunt 2 weeks ago, bought a white porcelain vase to place the money-plant and place it on my desk in the office.. my aunt told me to put some water in the vase as to grow the plant.. so little effort right? but unfortunately, the plant didn't grow healthily as i anticipated.. not as healthy as my deskmate's plant.. is it because of the aircond? not really i guess.. maybe i should study more about this field before i started greening my very own-made garden years to come.. ^_^

Monday, April 24, 2006

Personal Financial Planning - Post #1

last khamis & jumaat dapat peluang pergi seminar anjuran GHR, very lucky to be selected and paling best sbb FOC.. hehe.. the 1st day is about Islamic Financial Market while the 2nd day is about Personal Financial Planning.. hubby & me are actually in the midst of discussing about our financial plan and the seminar is just perfect for us.. so, i'll share some of the learning here.. mungkin meaningful to those who haven't start a plan yet.. =)

They are 4 ways to create savings:
[1] Pay yourself first - allocate at least 10% of our monthly income (or joint monthly income for married couple) for savings
[2] Your future in a peanut can - simpan duit2 sen tu dalam tabung, make it a habit!
[3] Spend your way to wealth - invest! invest! invest!
[4] The right way to use supermarket coupons - kalau dpt kupon rm30, bila dah guna, simpan balik duit the same amount as savings..

I'll write more later on the subject.. kene sambung keje plaks.. huhu

Thursday, April 06, 2006

child of our time

Hempp.. lepas baca post terbaru yati obsessi possesi, teringin jugak nak meluahkan perasaan.. and for sure pasal puteriku sorang si Aisya Afiqah..

Kisahnya, minggu lepas dia demam and sampai sekarang walaupon demam dah baik, selsema & kahak dia ada lagi, cuma dah lesses sbb dah makan antibiotik.. last week hubby & me ambik cuti starting Thursday sampaila Monday sbb balik kampung hubby kat Lunas.. maknanya 5 hari la Aisya tak ke nursery & stay 24hours with us.. happy mmg happy sbb dah lama tak spend masa dgn dia sampai betul2 puas.. tapi masalahnya, dia dah mula pandai merengek2 (zaman buat nangis olok2 dah berakhir dah) dan memerap a.k.a manja2 kot maksudnya.. kalau merengek tipu2 takpe lagi, tapi masalahnya kalau tak dilayan dia akan nangis sekuat hati.. macam kene pukul je bunyinye.. bila merengek, sure dia nak berdukung ke sana ke mari, sampaikan masa kat rumah MIL, 2-3 malam nak tido atas bahu mama dia.. dengan papa takdela dia memerap sangat.. tapi kalau dengan mama, takleh nampak bayang langsung.. macam Yati cakap, mmg rasa seronok bila anak kita sayang sangat kat kita, tapi kadang2 sampai rasa rimas.. nak mandi, masak, pegi toilet semua nak ikut.. dan perangai dia tuh berlarutan sampai ke nursery, sbb kat nursery dia manja sangat ngan makcik Indon ni.. makcik tu cakap maybe sbb badan dia rasa tak sedap kot, sbb tu merengek kuat.. pagi tadi pon sama.. sampai nak tukarkan pampers pon susah, and akhirnya papa dia menggunakan paksaan.. hehe.. kesian.. and dia pon dah pandai merajuk.. kalau dah nangis lama2 bila org tak layan perangai buruk dia, mulalaa merajuk.. nak sentuh pon tak bagi tau.. so, lastly biar je dia reda sendiri, takpon distract dia dgn mainan or katun kat tv.. lagi satu dia minat tgk katun tertentu saja.. and bila kat channel 60- 63 tu takde satu pon yg dia minat, mula la marah.. hemm... sabar jela..

Last Monday tertengok siri Child of Our time (camni ek tajuk die) kat channel 10 kalau tak silap.. and mmg kena sangatla dgn problem yg kitorang face currently, pasal how to discipline our toddlers yg besar2 Aisya ni.. and mat saleh2 ni buat kajian, kita kena treat them like a puppy.. mmg bunyinye cam tak patut, tapi apa yg dia maksudkan, kalau kita train puppy, bila dia buat something yg tak patut dibuat, kita jangan layan.. tapi bile dia buat something good, kita praise dia betul2, by saying very goodor apa2 yg seangkatan dengannya.. rancangan tu tunjukla a few couple with the same problem like ours, and bila diorang practice suggestion yg pakar2 tu bagi, alhamdulillah anak2 diorang semakin dengarkata.. memula mmg susah sbb kita terpaksa bingitkan telinga bila diorang merengek or menangis sepuas2 hati bila tak dapat apa yg diorang inginkan.. tapi thats the way to discipline them.. kalau kita ikutkan sangat apa yg diorang nak walaupon tak patut dibuat, later well spoil our own child.. nanti dah besar diorang lagi keras kepala.. so better start from early age sbb diroang bukannya ingat pon bila dah besar.. put our pity aside first.. tapi for those parents with babies (<1 year old), dont practice this style ok! Because your baby cries for reason & attention, bukan olok2.. =)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Jangan Sombong & Takabur

Alhamdulillah.. pagi tadi sempat dengar sambungan kisah Nabi Ibrahim dengan raja yg zalim - Namrud.. Pada zaman tu, hanya beberapa orang sahaja yg beriman kepada Allah, yakni Nabi Ibrahim dan beberapa pengikutnya.. yang lain semuanya kafir, menyembah berhala dan juga menyembah raja mereka si Namrud..

Namrud adalah raja yg sangat sombong & angkuh dengan kekuasaannya, walaupon dia tahu Tuhan Nabi Ibrahim lebih berkuasa darinya.. Ini diperlihatkan ketika Namrud dan sekutunya menghumban Nabi Ibrahim ke dalam api yg sangat besar, dan api tersebut diprepare dgn kayu api yg sangat banyak, yg dikumpul oleh pengikut2 Namrud, even nenek tua yg bongkok pon turut pergi cari kayu api semata2 kerana bencikan Nabi Ibrahim.. sebabnya, Nabi Ibrahim telah memusnahkan berhala2 yg disembah mereka, yang menjadi keagungan & warisan nenek moyang mereka.. Setelah dihumbankan ke dalam api yg sangat besar tersebut, Allah telah mengutus malaikat utk menemani Nabi Ibrahim di dalam api tersebut.. Betapa kekuasaan Allah, api yg marak itu tak sedikit pon menjilat tubuh Nabi Ibrahim.. ada kisah yg mengatakan, hanya tali ikatan tangan & bajunya yg terbakar, tetapi auratnya masih terpelihara.. Nabi Ibrahim tidak merasa panas malahan selesa berada di dalam api tersebut.. baginda dapat beribadah kepada Allah dgn tekun dan aman dari gangguan orang2 kafir.. Setelah berpuluh2 hari di dalam api (tak ingat berapa hari, 40 kot), Namrud pon mengambil keputusan untuk naik ke tempat yg tinggi bagi melihat apa yg telah terjadi kepada Nabi Ibrahim.. dan dia sangat terkejut kerana melihat Nabi Ibrahim masih hidup dan sedang beribadat sambil ditemani seorang lelaki (malaikat utusan Allah).. lalu Namrud sendiri mengakui kehebatan Tuhan Nabi Ibrahim dan mengorbankan beribu2 ekor haiwan ternakan (lembu/unta tak sure) sebagai hadiah kepada tuhan Nabi Ibrahim.. masa tu Nabi Ibrahim dah dikeluarkan daripada api tersebut.. dan Nabi Ibrahim berkata kepada Namrud bahawa korban Namrud tersebut tidak diterima Tuhannya, Allah SWT.. ini kerana walaupon Namrud mengakui kehebatan Allah, dia tetap tidak mahu mengikut Nabi Ibrahim menyembah Allah.. dan disebabkan itu, Namrud memtuskan perang kepada Nabi Ibrahim, dan mengumpul semua pengikutnya (bala tentera) untuk bertempur dengan Nabi Ibrahim dan pengikutnya yg sangat sedikit di suatu tempat yg dijanjikan selepas Subuh keesokan harinya..

sebaik sahaja terbit fajar, Namrud dan bala tenteranya telah bersedia di tempat yg dijanjikan.. dan tiba2 kelihatan awan hitam menuju ke arah mereka.. dan yang paling menakutkan, awan hitam tersebut sebenarnya adalah segerombolan nyamuk yang diutuskan oleh Allah (bala tentera) untuk berperang dgn Namrud.. ada kisah mengatakan nyamuk2 tersebut adalah malaikat utusan Allah, tapi ada juga mengatakan itu adalah nyamuk biasa.. saiz nyamuk tersebut tak besar, sebesar nyamuk biasa, tapi jumlahnya sangatlah banyak.. tentera Namrud diserang nyamuk di seluruh badan.. dan akibat kesakitan, ada yang menghayun pedang sesama sendiri dan mati.. ada juga yang mati kekeringan kerana darad mereka telah habis dihisap nyamuk.. subhanallah.. betapa hebat kekuasaan Allah.. Namrud berjaya escape, melarikan diri balik ke istananya.. tapi diriwayatkan, ada seekor nyamuk yang mengikutnya dan sampai sahaja di istana, nyamuk tersebut telah memasuki hidung Namrud dan memasuki saluran terus ke otak.. diriwayatkan nyamuk tersebut telah menetap di dalam kepala Namrud selama 40 tahun, tapi kalau tak betul pon bilangan tahun ni, lama la nyamuk tu duduk kat kepala dia.. dan setiap kali nyamuk tu gigit/hisap otak dia, kepalanya akan teramat sakit dan akan disuruh hamba2nya (yg selama ini diherdik & dicaci) untuk memukul kepalanya menggunakan tongkat.. kadang2 tu hamba2 ini akan menggunakan selipar mereka untuk memukul kepala raja mereka.. subhanallah.. betapa besar kekuasaan Allah, sehinggakan maruah Namrud sebagai raja diperlekehkan dan dijatuhkan di hadapan hamba2nya sendiri.. itulah balasan utk orang yg sombong terhadap Allah.. (to be continued..)

[+] seperti yg diceritakan oleh Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani bin Leman di ruangan Zikra setiap pagi Isnin-Jumaat di stesen radio RMKL (97.2) dari jam 645 - 700am..
[+] saya tak pandai bercerita, kalau mana yang salah tu datang dari diri saya sendiri.. motif saya post kat sini sebagai pengajaran kepada kita semua yg sombong sesama umat & sombong kepada Allah.. Allah boleh uji kita di akhirat yang mungkin kita tak reti nak gambarkan siksanya.. tapi Allah mungkin uji kita di dunia, dengan memberi kita musibah dalam apa jua bentuk.. dan terimalah musibah tersebut sebagai kafarah, yakni sebagai pembersihan hati kita & dosa2 kita di dunia.. jangan pula bila diberi musibah, kita tak henti2 mengeluh, semakin kufur, sobong atau tidak bersyukur.. post ini juga sebagai peringatan untuk diri saya sendiri juga.. kepada yg menerima musibah di dunia, bersyukurlah, sesungguhnya Allah hendak meringankan beban kita di akhirat kelak..
[+] utk sahabat, janganlah kamu berbangga dengan kejahilan dan segala bentuk dosa yang kamu lakukan di dunia.. sesungguhnya perbuatan kamu itu dilaknati Allah.. nauzubillah.. semoga engkau bertaubat & insaf.. semoga Allah membuka pintu hatimu sebelum ditutupNya pintu taubat..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


diri ini teringin sangat2:

[1] nak anak lagi.. (rindunye cuti yg lama..)
[2] nak sambung MBA full-time dgn hubby kat UITM (rindunye nak belajar & bercinta (^_^)

tengah berfikir2 nak yg mana satu dulu.. 2-2 pon nak.. hemmpp.. tamak kan?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ahlan ya Arianna!

Welcome to the world dear Arianna & Congratulations to your dearest mom & dad, Qz & Rumet! No word could speak louder than happiness, I guess! May Allah blessed you with happiness & life full of barakah..

salam sayang from Auntie Julie, Uncle Chot & Kak Aisya.. ^_^

the T* tudung day..

as usual, today is the bad tudung day.. i'm a bit used to wearing it already, even though there are kelepets here and there.. wearing it regularly on Monday is not that as bad as the 1st time we have to wear it.. our GM is always concern about T* policy that we should obey as executives.. he will walk around in the office to ensure everybody obey the rule! hemm.. as long as I get paid timely every end of the month & get bonus every mid of the year, i think wearing T* tudung is no big deal (tahun ni ada bonus ke? uhh..)

the worst part for me is during travelling to work by LRT from Kelana Jaya station.. since I am wearing the company's brand on my head, I really need to act like a re-branded T* person.. I need to carefully act in front of people around me.. I can't simply push people when I want to get out of the train, instead, I need to politely say "Excuse me.." and give a smile to people who block my way & then say "Thank you.." once I get my way.. am i being hipocrit? (No.. I'm always polite.. haha) it's good at one point, the company is actually teaching the employees to behave nicely & react politely to the public.. but the -ve point is that, we cannot:
[+] arrive late at work
[+] go out for lunch early and return late
[+] meng"ular" at lunchtime (cause we'll ended arriving late at the office)
[-] what else??

I think it's good if T* ask ALL employees to wear this tudung/tie, regardless of Exec or non-Exec.. BE FAIR kan?? and it's good for the company if they ask us to wear it on Friday.. hehe.. no more shopping time during the lunch hour!

p/s: I'm hoping that nobody in the LRT will approach me asking me to help them with their phone bills!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Simple way to cut your electric bill

Just to share this article with my blog readers.. I've been praticing some of the advice & it works! We've cut down our bill in the past few months.. (sikit pon jadila.. still a saving to us! Plus, the 30 cents hike of fuel price really effect our daily expenditure now!)

We often take our electric bill for granted. And as time goes by, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the bills will creep up. Sadly, even when we see it going up, we just shrug our shoulders and accept that it is the cost of living and maintaining our house.But it ain't necessarily so. I have discovered that I can cut down at least twenty percent of my electric bills by making some simple changes. It does not take much doing but it saved me a lot of money. Some of the things you can do to save on your electric bills are listed below.

Use fluorescent bulbs
Use fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. They are more efficient and longer lasting. My electric bills have dropped some RM40 per month since I changed to fluorescent bulbs.

Use energy efficient light bulbs
I realized that saving energy is not a big thing in this country. But these energy efficient bulbs - while being just as bright - can reduce your electric bills in the long run. The manufacturers claim the savings to be over 25%. And that's some big money right there.

Use low wattage light bulbs
For areas that do not need very bright lights and illumination, use low wattage bulbs as they are cheaper to run. Of course, you should also ensure that you do not fix a high watt bulb into a low wattage fixture. For example, putting in a 100 watt bulb into a 60 watt fixture is triple doo-doo. Not only it wastes energy and money, but you also run the chance of damaging the fixture. Banyak rugi loh...

Switch off lights when not in use <--- we always forget this!
Maybe obvious. But guess who is guilty of this? That's right. Yours truly. I often leave lights on even when going out of the room on the basis that I may return in a short while. But often time, I come back two hours later. An expensive two hours, I may add.

Not anymore though. I now switch off ALL electric appliances if I'm going out of a room. After all, if it can reduce my bills and save me money, why not? Heck, I'll switch off anything if I can save money by doing so!

Don't set the temperature of your air-conditioner too low
Of course the whole idea of having an air-conditioner is too keep a cool comfortable temperature. But that does not mean that you have to set the temperature down to Arctic conditions. Other than freezing you to death, it is also very expensive. Choose a comfortable temperature setting - say 24 degrees Celsius - and stick with it.

You should know that each degree lower drains your wallet.

Use ceiling fans instead of air-conditioners <--- i managed not to buy an air-conditoner for our bedroom, instead we install a ceiling fan only.. ok jer..
Ceiling fans are very effective while being a lot cheaper to run. So whenever it is not too hot, switch on the fans instead of the air-con.

And according to Consumer Reports in the US, by turning both the air-con and the ceiling fan on, you will also save money. For example, set the air-con at 25 degrees and the fan will reduce the temp by a further two degrees. In other words, the room now is a comfortable 23 degrees.

Don't set the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer too low
You can turn up the temperature of the fridge and freezer by a couple of degrees and your food will remain as fresh as ever. But your electric bills will go down. You win both ways!

Of course, do check the owner's manual as to the recommended setting.

courtesy of Azizi Ali - Millionaire Coach

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


tetibe rasa blues.. keje ade.. tapi tahla.. rasa lonely.. rasa malas.. rasa sedih.. nak nangis pon ada.. rasa nak layan lagu celine dion.. rasa nak duduk tepi pantai.. dengar bunyi ombak.. tak pon jalan2 main pasir pantai.. rindukan mak.. rindu sangat.. sampai sesak dada.. rasa terpanggil nak balik kampung, nak ziarah kubur mak.. tanam pokok bunga kat kubur tuh, supaya boleh berzikir sama.. nak ambik gambar2 lama mak yg kat rumah sana, bawak datang sini.. kadang2 mimpikan mak, rasa happy sangat dlm mimpi tuh.. tapi bile celik, sedar dari tidur, terus rasa tersentak.. mak dah takde.. kadang2 nak buat2 as if mak masih ada.. rasa nak belikan kad besday or call slalu.. tapi semua tak mampu nak buat.. kenangan2 lama slalu datang balik.. ingat lagi sekali tu kena sengat ngan lipan.. sakit sangat.. aku nangis2 takleh tido.. then mak gosok kaki dgn minyak sampai tertidur.. esok pagi bangun dah tak sakit.. sekali tu tangan pijar kena cili.. pon sampai takleh tido.. mak gosok dgn minyak jugak sampai aku tertidur.. pastu esok dah tak sakit.. macam magic kan? itulah kehebatan doa seorang mak.. ingat lagi masa dulu, kalau stay-up buat homework atau assignment, mak akan tunggu sama2 kat meja dengan 2 cawan kopi panas.. dia akan teman walaupon dia sangat2 mengantuk.. mak tak penah setkan target berapa A aku kena dapat, tapi setiap kali nak test atau exam, mak akan solat hajat & doa & suruh semua adik-beradik solat hajat sama.. alhamdulillah selalu sangat dapat A.. seronok sangat! kalau dengar lagu my mother dari album i look, i see.. mesti sayu.. sbb my mother dah takde.. semoga aku dapat menjadi seorang ibu seperti arwah mak kepada anak2ku kelak.. mak, lagu ni julie dedicate khas buat mak.. semoga mak bahagia di sana.. i'm sure you are.. i love you..

Who should I give my love to?
My respect and my honour to?
Who should I pay good mind to - after Allah,And Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,Who next?
Your Mother
Who next?
Your Mother
And then your Father
Cause who used to hold you
And clean you and cloth you?
Who used to feed you
And always be with you?
When you were sick, stay up all night,
Holding you tight?
Thats right no other, My Mother

Who should I take good care of,
Giving all my love?
Who should I think the most of - after AllahAnd Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,Who next?
Your Mother
Who next?
Your Mother
And then your Father
Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk?
Who used to hold you
Before you could walk?
And when you fell, whod pick you up?
Clean your cut?
No one but, your Mother, my Mother

Who should I stay right close to?
Listen most to?
Never say no to - after AllahAnd Rasullullah?
Comes your Mother,Who next?
Your Mother
Who next?
Your Mother
And then your Father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes?
Comb your hair and blow your nose?
And when you cried who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears?
Who really cares?My Mother...
Say Alhamdulillah,Thank you Allah
Thank You Allah for my Mother..

Monday, March 13, 2006

Few things to buy this year..

Since my budget is quite tight for this year (need to save some for the new house), i really need to carefully choose and pick items that i want to buy for myself.. i already have a list back in my mind for quite a long time, and i am thinking that i should buy some of it to fulfill my needs, at least 1. My original list consists:

[1] a pair of Clark shoes/sandals
[2] a food processor
[3] a small oven
[4] a mixer
[5] a PDA

I called my brother in Kota Bharu, asking about the food mixer and the small oven that I think nobody is using at home.. he said there are 3 mixers and 1 oven that is left unused.. ngeh ngeh.. now I can get item 3 & 4 for FREE! 3 items left.. as for PDA, the main purpose i want to buy it because I like to jot everything (phone numbers/ addresses/ daily expenses.. etc tec..) on paper and stuff everything into my handbag.. it's really a mess! the price of a PDA is quite expensive just for record/data keeping purpose.. hempp.. after thinking for many many times, i finally decided that i will only use small note books that will cost me only a few ringgit each instead of a PDA.. and yes, i manage to put everything i want in that small note book and save a lot of hundreds!

now, the list only left with 2 items, which I can't find the replacement yet..

[1] a pair of Clark shoes/sandals
[2] a food processor

but for item 1, since the price is approximately rm200, i'm asking my sister in UK to survey the price they are selling there, and if it's cheaper, i'll ask her to buy it for me before she come back to Malaysia this June!! =)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Aisya loves Allah

Last Saturday, we went to SCP (South City Plaza) coz hubby had to give a pizza treat to Tapai & Erly.. so, there we went and ate delicious Domino's Pizza..

After having lunch, we bought a few pieces of cloths for Aisya (since there was a SALE) and straight away go home.. along the way back, Aisya couldn't behave nicely.. she was so sleepy and tired of walking & running here and there.. she kept on crying and wailing.. oh my God, I realized that I forgot to bring along her binky (pacifier)! she couldn't sleep without her binky during the day.. gosh! I tried hard to soothe her but it didn't work.. then I hugged her tightly and recite the zikir for Allah.. you know, the one we always says during zikir munajat..

Allah.. Allah.. Allah ya Allah.

and she felt asleep soundly in less than 1 minute! see, how amazing kids are! and how Merciful the Creator is.. Subhanallah.. so, everytime you find it's hard to comfort your crying baby, hold them tight, rub their back & says the zikrullah.. insyallah they'll be ok.. you'll see how kids really love Allah..

Banker's Cheque

I just came back from HR of T*, sending my housing loan application.. hope that the loan processing won't take long..

uh, actually what i wanna share is that i was so suprised with the service of Bank Islam .. before sending the loan application, i need to prepare a banker's cheque for the processing fees.. 1 for me & 1 for hubby since we apply for joined loan.. the HR won't accept any personal cheque or cash so I need to prepare a banker's cheque.. usually i go to Maybank for this kind of stuff.. but since only Bank Islam seems the most convenience to me currently (only 100m walking distance), so I went there.. and it really suprised me that the commission for each of my banker's cheque is only RM1.15, really2 cheap as compared to Maybank's, which is RM5.00 minimum per transaction! (why am I so stupid before this??) I already made several banker's cheque with Maybank in the past months, with the looooong queue, had to pay for parking, really2 waste of my time and money! i hate this!

so, moral of the story, next time I shall re-visit Bank Islam for any official banking stuff!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Her BIG teeth

this picture was taken last year (when she was having chickenpox), just want to expose her BIG teeth here.. today she's 14 months old and already has 12-13 teeth.. and most of them are BIG! I think, that's why she likes to bite!

oh! btw, notice how ayu she is in Bienda style tudung.. =)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mom's Zone – Myjulieyana Snippets of Life

haha.. it's me changing the skin again! plus the editted title.. well.. i always like something new.. this skin gives more space to write, and it looks clean & neat.. thanks to hope that i'll write more often having this new fresh feel!

actually i'm dreaming of having my own skin for the blog, but it really needs time & full of concentration.. i can't find that much time & guts now.. no time to update blog too.. huh..

(bz_am i?)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Words of the day..

Lately Aisya really likes to talk & mumble alone.. she'll try her best to immitate whatever hubby & I said.. yesterday, i find some time (during a really tiring (boring) meeting) to jot down all the vocabularies Aisya has captured & understood well.. here goes the list:

+ Mamma
+ Papa
+ Ber (for bird)
+ Ball
+ Epol (for apple)
+ Nanana (for banana)
+ Fower (for flower)
+ Emo (for Elmo)
+ Baby (she could say it clearly)
+ Kaqak (for kakak.. i put Q for Qalqalah)
+ Abedah (for habes dah)
+ Mmpah (for tumpah)
+ Mmboi (for amboi)
+ Nak
+ Nanak (for tak nak)
+ Babababa (for baba black sheep.. she finds black sheep is too hard to pronounce, so she takes short cut)

and finally

+ Acha Apiqah (for Aisya Afiqah.. =)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Aurat Wanita


1. Bulu kening
- Menurut Bukhari, "Rasullulah mmelaknat perempuan yang mencukur atau menipiskan bulu kening atau meminta supaya dicukurkan bulu kening." Riwayat Abu Daud Fi Fathil Bari.

2. Kaki (tumit kaki)
-"Dan janganlah mereka (perempuaan) membentakkan kaki (atau mengangkatnya) agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan." An-Nur: 31. Keterangan: Menampakkan kaki dan menghayunkan/melenggokkan badan mengikut hentakan kaki.

3. Wangian
- "Siapa sahaja wanita yang memaakai wangi-wangian kemudian melewati suatu kaum supaya mereka itu mencium baunya, maka wanita itu telah dianggap melakukan zina dan tiap-tiap mata ada zina." Riwayat Nasaii, Ibn Khuzaimah dan Hibban.

4. Dada
- "Hendaklah mereka (perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi dada-dada mereka. "An-Nur : 31

5. Gigi
- "Rasullulah melaknat perempuann yang mengikir gigi atau meminta supaya dikikirkan giginya. "Riwayat At-Thabrani, "Dilaknat perempuan yang menjarangkan giginya supaya menjadi cantik, yang merubah ciptaan Allah". Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

6. Muka dan Tangan
- "Asma Binte Abu Bakar telah meenemui Rasullulah dengan memakai pakaian yang tipis. Sabda Rasullulah: Wahai Asma! Sesungguhnya seorang gadis yang telah berhaid tidak boleh baginya menzahirkan anggota badan kecuali pergelangan tangan dan wajah saja." Riwayat Muslim dan Bukhari.

7. Tangan
- "Sesungguhnya kepala yang dituusuk dengan besi itu lebih baik daripada menyentuh kaum yang bukan sejenis yang tidak halal baginya". Riwayat At Tabrani dan Baihaqi.

8. Mata
- "Dan katakanlah kepada perempuuan mukmin hendaklah mereka menundukkan sebahagian dari pemandangannya." An Nur : 31. Sabda Nabi SAW, "Jangan sampai pandangan yang satu mengikuti pandangan lainnya. Kamu hanya boleh pandangan yang pertama, pandangan seterusnya tidak dibenarkan." Riwayat Ahmad, Abu Daud dan Tirmidzi.

9. Mulut (suara)
- "Janganlah perempuan-perempuann itu terlalu lunak dalam berbicara sehingga berkeinginan orang yang ada perasaan serong dalam hatinya, tetapi ucapkanlah perkataan-perkataan yang baik." Al Ahzab: 32.

Sabda SAW, "Sesungguhnya akan ada umat ku yang minum arak yang mereka namakan dengan yang lain, iaitu kepala mereka dilalaikan oleh bunyi-bunyian (muzik) dan penyanyi perempuan, maka Allah akan tenggelamkan mereka itu dalam bumi." Riwayat Ibn Majah.

10. Kemaluan
- "Dan katakanlah kepada perempuuan-perempuan mukmin, hendaklah mereka menundukkan pandangan mereka dan menjaga kehormatan mereka. " An Nur : 31.

"Apabila seorang perempuan itu sembahyang lima waktu, puasa di bulan Ramadhan, menjaga kehormatannya dan mentaati suaminya, maka masuklah ia ke dalam syurga daripada pintu-pintu yang ia kehendakinya." Riwayat Al Bazzar. "Tiada seorang perempuan pun yang membuka pakaiannya bukan di rumah suaminya, melainkan dia telah membinasakan tabir antaranya dengan Allah." Riwayat Tirmidzi, Abu Daud dan Ibn Majah.

11. Pakaian
- "Barangsiapa memakai pakaian yyang berlebih-lebihan, maka Allah akan memberikan pakaian kehinaan di hari akhirat nanti." Riwayat Ahmad, Abu Daud, An Nasaii dan Ibn Majah.

"Sesungguhnya sebilangan ahli neraka ialah perempuan-perempuan yang berpakaian tapi telanjang yang condong pada maksiat dan menarik orang lain untuk melakukan maksiat. Mereka tidak akan masuk syurga dan tidak akan mencium baunya." Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim. Keterangan: Wanita yang berpakaian tipis/jarang, ketat/ membentuk dan berbelah/membuka bahagian-bahagian tertentu.

"Hai nabi-nabi katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak perempuan mu dan isteri-isteri orang mukmin, hendaklah mereka memakai baju jilbab (baju labuh dan longgar) yang demikian itu supaya mereka mudah dikenali. Lantaran itu mereka tidak diganggu. Allah maha pengampun lagi maha penyayang." Al Ahzab : 59.

12. Rambut
- "Wahai anakku Fatimah! Adapun perempuan-perempuan yang akan digantung rambutnya hingga mendidih otaknya dalam neraka adalah mereka itu di dunia tidak mahu menutup rambutnya daripada dilihat oleh lelaki yang bukan mahramnya." Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Alhamdulillah.. selepas beberapa bulan mencari2, akhirnya kami telah menjumpai rumah kediaman yang kami inginkan. Walaupun bukanlah menepati 100% citarasa kami, tapi 90% insyallah.. Banyak yang kami ambil kira dalam memilih aset yang tidak murah harganya ini.. bukanlah kami sudah bosan tinggal di rumah tinggalan arwah mak, tetaapi kami menghadapi masalah pergi-balik ke tempat kerja yang terpaksa melalui LDP yang sangat sesak saban hari sehinggakan kami terpaksa keluar dari rumah seawal 630 pagi setiap hari.. selain itu, kami juga memikirkan yang rumah pangsapuri yang kami tinggal sekarang mungkin agak sempit sekiranya kami ingin menambah ahli keluarga lagi dan mempunyai pembantu rumah kelak.. kami sayangkan rumah tinggalan arwah mak, itulah rumah pertama kami setelah bergelar suami-isteri.. disitulah juga saya berpantang anak sulung kami.. dan macam2 kenangan pahit manis yang dikongsi bersama.. (termenung sejenak)

berbalik kepada cerita carian rumah.. cuma ingin berkongsi beberapa faktor yang kami ambil kira dalam membeli rumah ini.. antara yang sempat kami fikirkan:

+ suka Shah Alam, sbb ntahla, best kot.. aman damai.. byk pokok2 hijau..
+ kejiranan majoriti melayu
+ berdekatan dengan surau, sekolah, tadika, kedai & lain2 kemudahan harian
+ tidak melalui LDP sbb kami rasa LDP tiada harapan utk diperluaskan lagi memandangkan di kiri kanan penuh projek perumahan
+ akses mudah ke Utara / Timur
+ pegangan bebas (freehold)
+ pemaju yang diiktiraf
+ akses mudah ke tempat kerja di kawasan Lembah Kelang
+ berhampiran LRT/Komuter
+ pemandangan hijau & tempat beriadah
+ tidak sesak dengan pembangunan
+ dekat dengan shopping complex/Giant/Carrefour

Kami telah pergi meninjau beberapa rumah contoh di kawasan Puncak Alam, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam dan Bukit Subang.. Kami juga ada pergi meronda di kawasan Puchong, Putrajaya, Bangi & Seri Kembangan.. pening juga ye nak beli rumah ni.. kerana pelaburannya bukanlah sedikit tetapi ratusan ribu ringgit.. bukan nilai yang sedikit bagi kami orang kebanyakan.. dan kami harus fikir yang segala pembayaran adalah tanggungjawab kami, seboleh2nya tanpa bantuan ibubapa kerana kami tak mahu terhutang budi dan ingin cuba hidup berdikari.. cukuplah dengan bantuan yang mereka berikan sejak kami kecil hingga tamat belajar.. Penghujung cuti Thn Baru Cina, kami pergi ke pejabat jualan Guthrie di Bukit Jelutong utk bertanyakan apa2 projek yang sedang dijalankan.. Niat untuk pergi ke sana timbul setelah melawat halaman Guthrie di internet dan mendapat tahu bahawa hartanah Guthrie adalah satu2nya pegangan bebas di Shah Alam.. Kami juga pernah pergi ke rumah Gna di Bukit Jelutong yang dibina oleh Guthrie dan kami suka finishingnya!

setibanya di pejabat jualan tersebut, kami disapa seorang Jurujual Hartanah Melayu.. soalan pertama yang ditanya kepada kami: berapa range budget kami.. dlm teragak2, saya menjawab rm270k.. beliau mengambil beberapa dokumen dan menerangkan tentang projek Denai Alam yang berhampran Bukit Subang.. 3 pilihan yang ditunjukkan : 20x65, 20x70 & 22x75.. yang paling laris adalah 22x75 (hanya tinggal 2 unit) tetapi harganya agak tinggi (melebihi budget) dan kami rasa kami tak mampu untuk itu.. Jurujual tersebut mengajak kami ke mejanya untuk mengira kelayakan loan kami.. selepas sesi mengira loan, kami dibawa ke tapak pembinaan rumah menaiki trooper Guthrie dimana kami lihat projek telahpon bermula dan rangka rumah telah kelihatan (beberapa pekerja Indon sedang membuat kerja2 pembinaan).. kemudian kami ke rumah contoh yang 98% siap.. kami sukakan rumah 22x75 tetapi dlm hati kami tetap mengatakan yang kami mungkin membeli rumah 20x70 yg bernilai dalam lingkungan rm270k.. setelah balik semula ke pejabat jualan, Jurujual tersebut membuat perbandingan bayaran balik pinjaman 90% untuk 25 tahun.. dan perbezaan bayaran antara rumah 20x70 & 22x75 hanyalah dalam rm100-rm200 sebulan..

kami berbincang seketika.. betulkan kami ingin membeli rumah? betulkah rumah ini yang kami mahukan? masing2 membuat percaturan di dalam kepala, memikirkan nilai hartanah akan naik disebabkan lokasi projek di tepi highway Guthrie Corridor Expressway dan berhampiran Bkt Jelutong, tetapi memikirkan bayaran balik pinjaman yang agak tinggi.. setelah diberitahu yang projek tersebut akan siap penghujung 2007 dan kami hanya perlu membayar balik pinjaman T* seletah projek telah 95% siap, kami akhirnya bersetuju untuk membeli rumah 22x75 dengan pinjaman bersama 90% selama 25 tahun dengan harapan kami akan mendapat kenaikan gaji utk tahun 2006 & 2007.. hehe.. setelah menandatangani beberapa dokumen, kami pulang ke rumah dgn hati yang.. sukar utk diungkapkan dgn kata2.. macam tak percaya.. tapi kami sebenarnya gembira dan lega kerana salah satu hajat kami utk tahun 2006 telah terlaksana.. dengan harga hartanah yang semakin naik, rasanya kami telah membuat keputusan yang betul untuk tidak menangguhkan lagi pembelian aset ini.. mulai sekarang, kami perlu gigih menyimpan dan berjimat cermat untuk menampung kos2 memasuki rumah baru kami nanti.. =)

pesan saya.. kalau nak beli rumah/kereta/apa2 aset, senaraikan dahulu apa kriteria yang anda mahu dan cuba dapatkan yang sepadan dgnnya.. seboleh2nya berikan rating atau priority kepada kriteria2 tersebut.. senaraikan juga simpanan yang ada.. ingat! ukur baju di badan sendiri.. kemudian mulakan pencarian.. mungkin pilihan kami ini hanya terbaik untuk kami, tetapi tidak untuk orang lain.. terpulang kepada citarasa masing2 kerana anda yang menentukan pilihan anda!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Yummy Fusili soup with Carrot and Potato

(for baby with teeth & can chew food!)

Just want to share this simple recipe which I got from my friend in Penang, Ulfarisya. Aisya really love to eat it! I usually serve this meal without soup, using her favourite yellow bowl (to avoid her spilling the soup all around the house =P) Try it on your own, maybe your baby'll love it!

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and chopped
  • 1 clove onion, peeled & sliced
  • 1 handful fusili (spiral) pasta
  • chicken fillet, chopped (or beef, but not seafood. not yet)
  • carrot, diced
  • potato, diced
  • celery, sliced
  • salt to taste
  • water

    Heat oil in a small pot. Saute garlic & onion for 2 minutes, then add chicken and simmer for 1-2 minutes. Add water, carrot & potato and bring to boil until half-cooked. Add pasta, celery and salt. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until all vegetables & pasta soften. Serve your baby with or without soup. That's all!

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    my Cash Flow

    Since my last entry is something related with money, I'll show my cash flow of every month and let's see where I can save more. Maybe I should cut down a few less important expenses (seems like all are important to me.. hehe):

    Nett Earning = 2580 (+ nafkah by hubby & - KWSP/Perkeso)

    Kotamas = 50
    Tabung Haji = 200

    Car Loan = 593
    Zakat = 30
    Takaful Malaysia = 22
    Takaful Nasional = 10
    Nursery = 230
    Food (myself) = 300 **
    Touch'n'Go = 60
    Toll = 60
    Clothes/Shoes = 100
    Fitness 1st = 121
    Books/Magazines = 15
    Aisya (clothes/toiletries/toys) = 150 **
    Eating out/movie/etc = 200 **
    Balik kampung/Give to Ayah = 150

    Total = Savings + Expenses = 2291
    Balance = Earning - Total
    =2580 - 2291
    = 289 (do i really have this amount at the end of the month??)

    ** I think these expenses need to be cut down 20% - 50%

    In order to cut down my expenses on food, clothes & eating out/movies, I will:
    - stop buying kain & tempah for baju kurung.. just wear whatever I have in my wardrobe and re-use my mom's baju kurungs (a lot!) after altering.. 1 baju kurung normally cost me about 150 (55 for the tailoring ) or maybe I should send them to a cheaper tailor in Kelantan (25-35 per baju kurung) if I really need a new one
    - cook, cook & cook.. 2 plates of kue teow goreng eating out costs rm6 while cooking
    it myself will only cost about rm4 the most!
    - have less entertainment.. and read Quran more - full stop

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    ASB haram??

    baru lepas baca blog Aida & Aini.. nampaknya kegusaran mengenai ASB dah seakan terjawab.. boleh baca dari blog Aini utk panjang lebar penerangannya.. thanks Aini! (but I believe Aini is still searching for the best answer)..

    pagi tadi & smalam dengar zikra kat radio RM KL pukul 645am.. (we get out from house at 630am nowadays.. so Alhamdulillah tiap2 pagi dpt dgr zikra) Ustaz Fauzi Mustafa dari Takaful Malaysia tgh bincangkan tentang dosa2 besar.. and dosa besar ke-12 (kalau tak silap) ialah mengamalkan riba.. kita hari ni sebenarnya banyak sgt bergelumang dgn riba.. investment, housing/car loan, credit card & mcm2 lagi.. so, lepas discuss dgn hubby, outcomenya:

    step 1 : buat credit card dgn bank islam.. dah hantar application tadi.. i'allah after 2 weeks bleh dapat.. banyak kebaikannya! maybe after this tutup terus maybank creditcard..
    step 2: nak tukar akaun gaji ke bank islam.. (akaun dah ada tapi still use maybank utk gaji sbb senang nak bayar bil2)..
    step 3: semua hutang credit card mesti bayar sebelum di'bunga'kan.. so, takleh carry hutang.. (alhamdulillah setakat ni masih berjaya laksanakan..)
    step 4: tutup ASB, simpan kat Tabung Haji or other place that is Islamicly secured.. Tabung Haji pon banyak pulangannya.. (dah buat tambahan potong gaji utk TH utk diri sendiri, hubby & Aisya =)
    step 5: cari pelaburan2 kat tempat lain yg amalkan perbankan & pelaburan cara Islam.. any suggestion?

    maybe gaji kita sikit, tapi kalau disimpan di tempat yg halal, Insya-Allah berkat hidup dunia akhirat.. insya-allah..

    kita manusia selalu nampak wang ringgit sbg satu keseronokan &amp; ultimate target dlm hidup, padahal kekayaan duit & harta semuanya sementara.. bila mati, semuanya ditinggalkan di atas bumi, sedangkan kita terkujur di dalamnya..

    p/s: malu sangat kat sorang chinese ni, yang ambil duit dari ATM Bank Islam, sedangkan aku beratur panjang di ATM maybank.. oh malunya..

    Wednesday, January 18, 2006


    18th January. It's arwah Mak's birthday. How time flies. How memories linger. So vivid. So beautiful. I plead whoever reading my blog, grant me your 2 minutes, recite an Al-fatihah for my mum on her birthday. May she rest in serenity. May Allah forgive her. May Allah forgive us. May Allah bless us with barakah. Ameen.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    2006 TO DO list!

    (in no particular order):

    1) buy a house (still searching for a freehold house at Shah Alam area)
    2) Masters in..? (MBA/EMBA/Engineering?but where?)
    3) part-time job (tuition teacher/blogging (haha)/direct selling?)
    4) 2nd baby (.. i like this one! =)
    5) cook more for the family (and save more money!)
    6) exercise more (MUST DO thing! I pay for the gym ok..)
    7) save more money (in Tabung Haji/ASB/Unit Trust..)
    8) read Quran more often (maybe khatam at least 2 times..)
    9) family vacation (able to get return free tickets to Kota Kinabalu!)
    10) buy CLARKS shoes (really admire the comfortness!)
    11) change skincare product to SK II (hahaha..)

    so little money, but so much things to do.. hempp.. what else??

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    I still cook!

    Last weekend I spent most of my time cooking in the kitchen.. =) On Saturday, after going back from doing a little house survey at Bukit Jelutong area (haha.. do I sound rich or what??) I cooked white rice with blackpepper beef for lunch, cucur sempoi (I only put flour, onions, egg, water, salt & sugar) for tea and beehoon goreng (fried vermicilli) for dinner.. on Sunday, we had cucur again for breakfast (hubby loves my cucur so much.. hmm..) and maggi mee for dinner.. besides, I also cooked nasi himpit & beef rendang and brought some to the office today.. I just realized that I still enjoy cooking eventhough there're lots of interruption from little Aisya.. Aisya helped me getting all the tupperwares out of the cupboard each time I'm in the kitchen! she's a very 'hardworking' girl now.. by the way, if anyone searching for a new recipe to try on your own, you may visit there are lots of mouth-watering menus to try for!