Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Grown Up Aisya

She has too many boy friends; I assure that, especially last night. Just after I fetched her from her school and place her in the car, she suddenly act out and scream ‘OTTOMEN TANGKAAAPP!’ tergezut mama.. macam boy! But most of the time, she’s still my little sweet naughty girl. She'll sneak into my bedroom, dig out my drawer full of tudungs, pick one whichever she likes, and ask me to adorn her with it (see picture).

Often, me & hubby arrive home late and end up fetching her late too. But we’ll make sure to have some quality time with her, playing and tickling her around the house before she doze off. Sometimes we play the nenek-nenek-si-bongkok-tiga game and spin around until she fell down, and giggles; a lot of giggles. Sometimes we play picture-guessing game. She just loves that, especially when we draw out ELMO, her favourite! Last night, we laughed at her loudly and left her questioning. Hubby drew a picture of a mug on a piece of paper and wait for her to guess, and you know what. She confidently said ‘AIR MELO’ loudly. hehe. I found it soooo cute.

Lately, i notice she's started flipping thru the Quran and at times she does imitate me performing solat. Quite a few times I saw her taking the holy Quran from the shelf and put it on a pillow, seat politely and recite Bismillah in her own style (quite hard for me to imitate :). Immediately, I’ll recite ‘alif’ ‘baa’ ‘taa’ (though it’s not Muqaddam. will get one for her very soon) and she’ll read after me, and stop after reaching the letter ‘kho’ or 'shim'. I just don’t know why, maybe cannot catch up already. heh. But as long as she's interested in reading Quran, I’m more than happy. yeay! =)

Aisya my dear, sometimes I just don’t want you to grow up. Just be the naughty you, just like you today. But mama knows that’s impossible. Do be a solehah, brave, generous and knowledgeable grown up! Do love Allah the most. And InsyaAllah He will love you more. Mama loves you so much sweetie!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Aisya turns two..

as usual, i'm the most laziest mom to update her blog.. left it with sawang all around for weeks! hehe

oh, by the way, Aisya has turned 2 on Tuesday last week.. we actually brought her a birthday cake prior to her birthday, just for the sake to celebrate it with her Tok Cik and Tok Jang at Tok Cik's house in Serdang.. however, she doze off to sleep a bit earlier and we had no option, to cut the cake without singing the birthday song to her.. i captured a picture before we finally cut it..

apeda kedai nih.. 2nd la bukan 2th! isk..

fortunately, there's some leftover and we brought it home.. the following day, we had a small celebration on ourselves.. Aisya was so delighted to blow the candles and she even cut the cake by her own.. she sang "Happy Puyu" loudly and giggled all nite.. I did gave some advice to her, telling her that she's already a big girl and she must listen to her mama & papa and always be a good girl.. she nodded with her eyes staring at the candles without a wink! bertuah anak mama..

papa ke Aisya yg tiup lilin??


Aisya dear, we love you so much, no matter how naughty u are.. :) We surely feel empty without you.. jangan nakal2 kay?

p/s: sorry we haven't had time to buy you a pressie.. But I'll make sure you'll love it!
p/ss: mama was not in the picture coz mama malas nak pakai tudung.. :)