Thursday, January 26, 2006

ASB haram??

baru lepas baca blog Aida & Aini.. nampaknya kegusaran mengenai ASB dah seakan terjawab.. boleh baca dari blog Aini utk panjang lebar penerangannya.. thanks Aini! (but I believe Aini is still searching for the best answer)..

pagi tadi & smalam dengar zikra kat radio RM KL pukul 645am.. (we get out from house at 630am nowadays.. so Alhamdulillah tiap2 pagi dpt dgr zikra) Ustaz Fauzi Mustafa dari Takaful Malaysia tgh bincangkan tentang dosa2 besar.. and dosa besar ke-12 (kalau tak silap) ialah mengamalkan riba.. kita hari ni sebenarnya banyak sgt bergelumang dgn riba.. investment, housing/car loan, credit card & mcm2 lagi.. so, lepas discuss dgn hubby, outcomenya:

step 1 : buat credit card dgn bank islam.. dah hantar application tadi.. i'allah after 2 weeks bleh dapat.. banyak kebaikannya! maybe after this tutup terus maybank creditcard..
step 2: nak tukar akaun gaji ke bank islam.. (akaun dah ada tapi still use maybank utk gaji sbb senang nak bayar bil2)..
step 3: semua hutang credit card mesti bayar sebelum di'bunga'kan.. so, takleh carry hutang.. (alhamdulillah setakat ni masih berjaya laksanakan..)
step 4: tutup ASB, simpan kat Tabung Haji or other place that is Islamicly secured.. Tabung Haji pon banyak pulangannya.. (dah buat tambahan potong gaji utk TH utk diri sendiri, hubby & Aisya =)
step 5: cari pelaburan2 kat tempat lain yg amalkan perbankan & pelaburan cara Islam.. any suggestion?

maybe gaji kita sikit, tapi kalau disimpan di tempat yg halal, Insya-Allah berkat hidup dunia akhirat.. insya-allah..

kita manusia selalu nampak wang ringgit sbg satu keseronokan & ultimate target dlm hidup, padahal kekayaan duit & harta semuanya sementara.. bila mati, semuanya ditinggalkan di atas bumi, sedangkan kita terkujur di dalamnya..

p/s: malu sangat kat sorang chinese ni, yang ambil duit dari ATM Bank Islam, sedangkan aku beratur panjang di ATM maybank.. oh malunya..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


18th January. It's arwah Mak's birthday. How time flies. How memories linger. So vivid. So beautiful. I plead whoever reading my blog, grant me your 2 minutes, recite an Al-fatihah for my mum on her birthday. May she rest in serenity. May Allah forgive her. May Allah forgive us. May Allah bless us with barakah. Ameen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 TO DO list!

(in no particular order):

1) buy a house (still searching for a freehold house at Shah Alam area)
2) Masters in..? (MBA/EMBA/Engineering?but where?)
3) part-time job (tuition teacher/blogging (haha)/direct selling?)
4) 2nd baby (.. i like this one! =)
5) cook more for the family (and save more money!)
6) exercise more (MUST DO thing! I pay for the gym ok..)
7) save more money (in Tabung Haji/ASB/Unit Trust..)
8) read Quran more often (maybe khatam at least 2 times..)
9) family vacation (able to get return free tickets to Kota Kinabalu!)
10) buy CLARKS shoes (really admire the comfortness!)
11) change skincare product to SK II (hahaha..)

so little money, but so much things to do.. hempp.. what else??

Monday, January 16, 2006

I still cook!

Last weekend I spent most of my time cooking in the kitchen.. =) On Saturday, after going back from doing a little house survey at Bukit Jelutong area (haha.. do I sound rich or what??) I cooked white rice with blackpepper beef for lunch, cucur sempoi (I only put flour, onions, egg, water, salt & sugar) for tea and beehoon goreng (fried vermicilli) for dinner.. on Sunday, we had cucur again for breakfast (hubby loves my cucur so much.. hmm..) and maggi mee for dinner.. besides, I also cooked nasi himpit & beef rendang and brought some to the office today.. I just realized that I still enjoy cooking eventhough there're lots of interruption from little Aisya.. Aisya helped me getting all the tupperwares out of the cupboard each time I'm in the kitchen! she's a very 'hardworking' girl now.. by the way, if anyone searching for a new recipe to try on your own, you may visit there are lots of mouth-watering menus to try for!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

TMNet Streamyx + Astro at your home

We just arrived in Kota Bharu Kelantan a few hours ago.. It's 1am already but since I had a sound sleep during the flight, I don't really feel like going to bed early.. (plus I had a cup of black coffee already =)

Going back to my parent's house has becoming a lot more interesting now (in terms of entertainment to be exact).. we had broadband internet connection via TMNet Streamyx installed since last 2 years (replacing the slow 1515 dial-up connection) and the latest one is Astro.. I don't have to wait for delayed show of my favourites anymore - CSI, House and etc.. etc..! and plus, I can leave Aisya enjoying cartoon programs at Cartoon Network while me doing the cooking in the kitchen!

As for having broadband internet connection at home, I can blog at anytime at faster pace, buy online flight ticket, pay bills and even read office emails! Actually hubby and I have thought of installing TMNet Streamyx at our Puchong house too, coz it really could benefit us especially during the weekends and holidays (precisely to do office work), but our monthly spending right now doesn't allow us to pursue.. so, most probably we'll have it in our own house later on..

By the way, to know more about TMNet Streamyx Broadband Internet package, you may visit or simply click here.. it's a huge money-saving using TMNet Streamyx as compared to the conventional 1515 Dial-up connection (also offered by TMNet)! it's because you can get connected a way faster than the normal 1515 and you can remain connected as long as want without hasle!

Friday, January 06, 2006

food hunting trip!

this Saturday our small family will be flying home for Hari Raya Qurban.. this Hari Raya will be a treat for me, so i choose to go back to Kota Bharu because the last Hari Raya Puasa were fully spent in hubby's hometown.. I can't wait no longer to hunt for my favourite Nasi Belauk, Nasi Dagang & Nasi Kerabu! it's not that there is no such food sold here in KL, but the taste is totally different.. the rice is perfectly cooked, the dishes are adequately served and the taste is comparable to nothing! and of course the price is unbargainable! you can have a plate of Nasi Dagang served with Chicken/Fish curry at RM1.50/plate.. where on earth could you be that lucky? and you know what, I've been eating my favourite Nasi Kerabu from the same old lady since I was a kid.. same goes for Nasi Dagang & Nasi Belauk! those Makciks are selling these food for more than 20 years at the same market!

Besides, I am looking forward too for a sumptuos Chinese+Thai dinner at The Four Seasons Restaurant located in Kota Bharu.. I've already booked a table for 10 this morning for Hari Raya dinner.. that's the only time I could find for this small family gathering.. this chinese restaurant serves Halal food, the tauke is Kelantanese Chinese but the cook are all Malay/Thai.. and they are certified cook/chef as far as i know.. even Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan TV3 has visited it and gave thumbs-up! this restaurant serves really really delicious food, from Tom Yam of your choice to Buttered Prawn, Lemon Chicken, Steamed Siakap Fish, kerabu Mangga, squid tempura (sotong goreng tepung), fried mixed vegetables, wrapped Egg (telur bungkus), and so many more (i can't remember the list but i enjoyed them all)! the food are served in package of 2-3 pax, 4-6 pax and 7-9 pax.. these packages are reasonably priced.. for 7-9 pax package, we can have white rice, 8 meals of your choice (choose anything from the list i mention, but not to repeat the same kind), fruit & chinese tea.. and the price is only RM128, which is only RM14.22 per person! well you know how the restaurants in KL priced exactly the same meal.. it's unaffordable here unless you have vendors paying for you!

Forget to tell something more interesting.. hehe.. the flight ticket for me, hubby and Aisya is only RM167 for the return KL-KB trip! lucky enough for us since my parents house is only 5 minutes drive from the Kota Bharu Airport! again, thanks to AirAsia!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

she's 1yr old and she bites!

Everyday we will pick up Aisya from the nursery at around 730pm.. As usual, Aisya will be so delighted (and her mouth continuously shouts Mama or Papa) every time she sees us waiting at the front door.. She'll kiss-hand (salam) all the guardians downstairs and rush towards us.. she's really cute and behave in that way..

However, she's becoming a bit aggresive now (maybe because of her closest peer is a boy name Daniel).. Aisya's all-time-favourite guardian, whom we call Makcik told us yesterday that Aisya's jealousy has becoming out of control.. she'll be jealous if Makcik carries another baby/toddler and it becomes worse when someone sits on Makcik's lap.. Aisya will push aside the baby/toddler and climbs on Makcik no matter what.. And each time she wakes up from sleep, she'll cry and sob for not having Makcik around.. She pulls other toddlers' hair, pushes them to fall, grabs their toys/food and the worst thing-she even bites!! I've been told yesterday that Aisya'd bite Daniel and other fellows and got them some bruises.. oh God! I'm afraid that someone might sue me or the nursery one day.. her obsession towards Makcik is so certain!

But at home, things are totally different.. Aisya has no rival to compete for the toys/food or attention.. she's really a good & nice girl (she talks & laughs most of time!).. we guess her behaviour at the nursery is some sort of her battle in winning the utmost attention from Makcik by competing with her rivals.. sigh.. that's the problem when we have a really good, caring & loving care-taker for our child.. =P