Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm back..

but rasanya just for a while..

Me – currently in new position (no no, not upgraded yet), triple works, ½ stress.. and that’s why I don’t blog for a looooong time.. my new unit is actually the 1st unit I joined in when I started working with this company.. best sbb mcm family sendiri & the new job require me to think a lot.. I do network design for leased line services, best sbb task baru..

Hubby – 2nd semester of his EMBA.. GO HUBBY GO!!! 1st sem he got 1st class and I’m sooo proud of him (behind a successful man is always a woman.. he he he) We need to sacrifice all of our weekends, tak dapat balik kampung and tak dapat cuti2 Malaysia.. I must insist a vacation during his sem break, which is 2 months.. tak kira, kena gi cuti2 juga, tak kesahla kat mana..

Aisya – diaper-free except for poo poo and at nighttime.. 1 week enrolled with Dzuliman, and Alhamdulillah so far.. Start making new friends and start learning Iqra’ already.. Handwriting and coloring skills improved, except for the choice of colors, hancuss.. sangat pandai main dgn Faris, tapi at times jealous gile especially bila mama susukan adiknya..

Faris – 7m.o and still on breastfeeding (80%)! I’m sooo proud that I still bf him, despite the tiredness and lack of expressed milk due to my tight schedule at work.. He started crawling at 4m.o and now already attempted to stand on his own.. Lotih jaga this teruna coz I need to keep my eyes on him at all time.. sangat manja, maybe because of bf kot.. hopefully I will continue to bf at least until he turns 1y.o.

New house – just completed renovation (little only).. actually we plan to move in during CNY but now already delay for 1 month.. hubby is so busy with his EMBA and I am so busy taking care of the kids.. as of now, the next tentative date will be mid-March.. harap2 dah takde delay lagi.. penat ulang-alik to settle things..

Alamak.. Faris is awake already.. bye bye for now.. ntah bila lagi boleh memblog.. hu hu hu.. miss my sweet time blogging..