Friday, March 02, 2007

of here and there

I’ve been off from blogging for quite some time. I read others’ blogs, but just remain silent. It’s not because the pregnancy is doing bad. But it’s just me, the lazy bum.

The hate notes..
My body is gaining kilos, my skin easily gets blemish and I have pimples. I need new clothes, so I need lots of money but the bonus is not out yet. TM share price is dropping and I can’t sell my ESOS yet. I told you I need a new hand phone ok? It’s not because my hand phone went kaput, it’s just for the mood setting. (“,)

The happy notes..
Oh btw – the big baby inside me kicks more often and Aisya is behaving very well. =)

The sister-to-be..
Aisya is such an angle nowadays. She loves to imitate what we do or say. She also wants to go to ‘work’ and not to ‘school’. She likes to carry along stuffs like my blusher brush, perfume bottle and lipstick and recently this morning, she brought along 3 teddy bears into the car. She’s such a busy girl these days. Don’t let her found the broom or she’ll sweep every inch of the house and sweats her shirt. She eats and talks a lot. It’s kind of entertainment to us.

I’m tired but..
She still wakes up twice at night for milk. It’s tiring but as a mother, it’s my duty. However, I don’t want to take turn with hubby because I have limited time spent with Aisya everyday. I don’t mind sleeping with Aisya on the floor, in front of the TV if she insisted not to go to bed with us. I don’t mind letting her sleep with her daddy on the bed and leaving me sleeping alone on the floor, though I will get backache the next day. I want her to be a good sister later on, so I must treat her nicely now. I miss her so much and I can’t wait to fetch her from nursery everyday. She’ll be jumping happily when she sees us and she can’t wait to tell us who’s crying at the nursery and what she eats that day. Then she will start singing all the way home. That’s cute.

The plan..
Back in my head, I’m planning to have a maid after we move to our new house maybe end of this year. But hubby seems disagree with me. He has his own reason and I have to respect. After doing some calculation, I think if we really need a maid it will be later on, and not this year. Moving to a new house will cost us a lot, 20k is already a must. Having a maid means we need to add up another 4k. Plus, I think I should try raising 2 kids on my own first and see whether I can handle everything on my own. If I have to surrender, then I’ll shout out. And hubby agrees with me on that. =)

Ok. Need to pen off now. It’s Friday and it’s 5pm already. Chow.