Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When the Letter of Offer = Offer Letter

Alhamdulliah, syukur sangat.. hohoho seronot seronot (feel like jumping yeay!!) finally the offer letter that i've been waiting for arrived safely last Monday.. suka sangat2 sbb it's an UNCODITIONAL offer, in which i don't have to re-sit for any English exam.. in which tak melayang another rm500 ku! ku tak sangka my 2002 IELTS result yg dah berhabuk tu still laku & accepted by the university (walaupon haram tak hingat apa ke soklannya.. he he)

all in all, i've received 3 offer letters, 2 unconditional + 1 conditional - warwick, manchester & southampton.. and i've certainly made my decission already; it will be Warwick and fullstop! no more headache nak pilih which course & which Uni ok? and it will be MSC International Technology Management.. why that course? i guess i will tell one year from now.. he he

if initially just suka2 jer nak further study, now i'm more determined of what to study and which University should I go.. i've been going through piles of interview sessions and that cost me a lot too - you know - new pants, new shoes, new tudung - just to have that good feeling during the interviews.. hohoho

i went to 4 interviews altogether - with YTM, MARA and Yayasan Khazanah Nasional (2 sessions & the toughest one I must say) and the experiences were priceless and that includes the frequent adrenaline attack!! and thanks so much to hubby for your accompany and support, including proofreading all my essays and proposals.. without you, i don't think i could make it up till now.. you're the best lah!

so now, only the CTG (cuti tanpa gaji) approval letter that's still pending, just because my AGM noted to HR that she needs an immediate replacement.. but i've talked to her already and I popped the idea of having internal job rotation & movement (my post is soo important to her) and she agreed.. phew... will draft a letter saying that the bosses will release me at no condition tomorrow and hoping to get fast response from the HR too..

so little time - so many things to do!!

p/s: pinch me hard plz!!! pray for my smooth journey okay?