Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the hobby-less me

i just figured out that i'm hobbyless, which makes me feels (and looks) pathetic.. while lots of my friends love reading since they were really2 young (like Aida and Aini), i'm not.. let's look for some list:

cooking - not 100%. i love cooking (and eating!) but only for daily chores
watching tv/movies - not 100%..
gardening - no..
travelling - not yet (but i started to like it, but it's expensive)..
exercise - no (hahahaha!)..
outdoor activities/games - NO (see that big no?hahaha)..
shopping - cannot afford (is this a hobby anyway?)..
scrapbooking - no (i like it but it's expensive, again)..
baking - no (bcoz baking means eating more)
etc etc...

see, i'm pathetic! (sigh).. btw, is it OK for not having a hobby? or should i have one? my own definition of hobby is that it should not be costly and it must be fun to have, not burdening.. i think i want to have some hobbies, at least i wanna try..

and now i'm considering recycling, sewing and gardening as my new hobbies.. and the reason i'm choosing these three are because all can save money, and i want to be friendly to the environment.. one more thing, i want to consider spending quality time with my family as a hobby, can i? i found not all people/parents like to spend their time with their families, so i think this can be my hobby too, at least to my own definition :) (hehehe)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

carboot-ing day

today is saturday and saturday means weekend, which means carboot day to me! i like carboot and i don't mind buying second hand things as long as they're clean and good. but i'm not yet a carboot-lover as i don't mind not going to carboot. but if i did go, i'm surely excited with the outcome! :)

and today, we went to Dunchurch's carboot (if i'm not mistaken), a bit far from the usual one. it was huge, with lots and lots of local carbooters. we went a bit late, hoping to get the last minute bargain, which means much much lower prices. and luckily, we did grab some things for really really cheap price. plus, kind carbooters gave 2 brand new big teddies to Aisya & Faris, although i only pay 50pence for what i bought from them. summary of what i've got today:

claire's hair clips and scrunchies - 1.00
toys (fishing toy, puzzle, 3 superheroes, block letters, dinasour) - 2.70
power ranges school bag - 0.50
brand new sauce pot - 4.00
crystal-glass tableware (2 serving bowls, 1 cake plate, 4 small bowls) - 3.00
men's jacket - 1.00
kids' clothes (Next & Baby Gap) - 1.00
food savers (1 Tupperware & 8 others) - 1.50
Diadora shoes - 0.50
NY yankees cap - 0.50
bob the builder water bottle - 0.10
parking - 1.00

total = 16.80pound, which is equivalent to RM84 + priceless satisfaction!

i'm surely gonna miss this weekly event after going back to Malaysia. what i admired the most is that these carbooters really took good care of their clothes and things. especially the toys and books! maybe because they have high purchasing power, which means they can buy things at really2 cheap price with their pound income.. plus, they get a lot of new gifts every year during christmas. so, they dont bother to give away their things at cheap prices. some just sell for fun!

i doubt this will happen in Malaysia. with RM wages, we can't buy so many things, and can rarely do shopping, especially for branded things.. and even if we did, we will wear and use them until worn or broken. and i think, even if we have the chance to re-sell our things, we might opt to donate to those in needs rather than selling it..

i think i will enjoy my carboot-ing weekends while i am here.. :P

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pre-Easter Holiday ~ Cornwall

break sekejap dari project literature review.. teringat2 last week pergi caravan vacation with hubby, kiddos, zamie & shina.. sungguh2 relieved drpd assignment yg bertambun2! siap tak tidur pun pagi nak pergi cornwall sbb nak kena submit assignment by 9am.. hihi (always the last minute.com) hoping to have Euro vacation pulak next time.. walaupun ditenggelami dissertation work, holiday tetap holiday! hehe

day 2 - newquay, cornwall

day 3 - land's end, cornwall

day 3 - minarch theatre, land's end

day 4 - on the way to eden's project

eden's project - tropical biome

mediteranean biome

eksiden - faris tersembam dalam shuttle bus

day 4 - bye2