Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the updates..

My story..
Last Friday remarked my last day in TSES, SFC.. it has been 3 years working in that unit, that i should say, i contribute a lot! - especially in building up the i-Check system with a few colleagues(hehe.. semah will need to learn about this system in her new unit).. sedihla jugak coz we build the unit from scratch after 1st July 2004 re-org.. dari tak tahu apa job scope sampaila today, that unit has build a name among the CSM and Sales people of TM.. i mastered my knowledge in TM local access and network infrastructure, i learnt DDN NMS, i got to know Sales, CSM and regional technical people.. and many more!

and now, effective 1st July 2007, i am posted to GBAS, SFC (still in SFC), doing provisioning for International circuit.. and provisioning is totally a new thing to me.. this movement is for a better post grade, proposed by my ex-GM.. i just accepted it as i have no other option.. hehe.. but still, i'm waiting for my appeal to follow my GM to his new unit as i am always interested to do planning.. kalau dapat, takpe.. tak dapat, takpe.. just wait and see lah..

Aisya's story..
my Aisya met with an accident at Jusco early last month, ended up her getting some stiches under her chin.. kesian anak mama.. and i must admit, it was my mistake after all :( she was standing inside the Jusco trolley and fell off due to unbalance.. i was not holding the trolley at that time, and that's the biggest mistake i ever made.. hope the scar will fade off as she grows up..

Aisya is so attached to me now, i think because she knows she will lose most of my attention once the baby is out.. sometimes i still have to carry her in my arms shen she started mengamuk usually early in the morning masa nak hantar pergi 'school'.. but most of the time, she is a sweet and helpful girl.. and talkative too.. she's my angel whenever i feel sad or miserable.. kalau nampak mama mcm nangis, nanti dia tanya " nape mama nangis? orang jahat buat ke? " and i will smile and tak jadi nak sedih2.. then she'll say " dah dah.. jangan nangis2 ek.. " while patting my back to comfort me.. so sweet kan? she likes to sing and count and read too.. mama & papa yg tak menyempat nak mengajar banyak2.. nantilah tahun depan insyallah mama hantar pergi school betul2..

Hubby's story..
Tahniah to beloved hubby for the new post - manager post, i must say.. tak kesahla kalau org nak cakap dia tak cukup senior or whatsoever.. i know him and he really deserve it! technical wise, management wise, he had all the skills to be a manager.. and tahniah too for getting TM scholarship and finally register jugak EMBA last weekend.. dah bertahun delay.. takpelah, i let u start first, then i'll proceed with mine.. still undecided yet on what field should i take..

The baby's story..
The baby boy is already 38+weeks inside me and is about anytime to come out! i'm already taking leave starting yesterday, saje nak rehat2 and kemas2 rumah for the new hero.. excited + cuak sbb dah lupe dah camana bersalin aisya dulu.. Aisya dulu overdue.. this time kalau boleh nak cepat2 jer bagi dia keluar.. dah tak larat dah jalan macam penguin.. Alhamdulillah, this time my weight only naik about 12kg, tak macam Aisya dulu, naik 20kg! harap2 lepas bersalin boleh turun dgn senang & cepat.. then barulah boleh bergaya time raya.. hehe

okehlah.. dah lama dah duduk and kaki pon dah bengkak2.. will let u know once the baby is out!