Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November rain..

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya berjaya menempuh bulan pertama after come back to working life.. tajuk tu takde kaitan pon, cuma teringat kat lagu Nirvana sejuk2 petang2 ni hehe..

1st ~ the new placement.. walaupun pada mulanya agak tidak teruja dan tidak bersemangat utk bekerja di tempat baru atas sebab2 tertentu, i need to cubit myself sbb Alhamdulillah, saya masih punya kerja yg stabil.. tak baik banyak merungut ok.. bagusla kalau org masih perlukan kita walaupun dalam hati dup dap dup dap tiap kali meeting sbb semua perkara yg dibincangkan mcm alien sangat2.. but today, i've learnt a lot & i'm a happy chap! thanks to Allah for the hardworking and brilliant staffs that i have.. :)

2nd ~ the kiddos are coping well at Taska T*, walaupun 2 minggu pertama banyak sungguh drama pagi hari.. sekarang dah takde masalah tinggalkan diorang pagi2, they make friends and enjoy a lot.. Alhamdulillah, hilang pening kepala..

3rd ~ work nature kali ni memungkinkan saya outstation dengan jayanya.. kalau dulu, kerja saya hanyalah di sekitar central & northern, kali ni kena jaga the whole Malaysia.. so far last week dah outstation ke Penang (meeting on Ahad) dan JB (meeting on Khamis).. penat jugalah sbb dari Utara ke Selatan in a week. yang penting hubby sangat2 memahami, dan dia juga faham position ini bukan saya yg mintak.. thanks B!

4th ~ of the slipped disc.. so far i've done the MRI, 2 weeks physiotherapy, and smlm jumpa balik specialist.. yg tak bestnye, i'm still having numbness and weakness.. Doc suggest buat minor surgery (yg cucuk jarum tu jer) or open surgery.. 2-2 pon menggerunkan ok.. so now, i'm planning to go for 2nd opinion at Damansara Specialist or SDMC.. i tak nak jadi statistic, kalau statistic yg success takpela, takut yg sebaliknya je huhu

5th ~ new KPI is set for the family. tiap2 hari akan cuba sampai ofis before 8 agar takde siapa2 yg punch card lewat, and kalau boleh nak parking for free (jimat rm7/day = rm140/month).. and petang plak nak ambik kiddos latest by 6, and sampai rumah by 730.. setakat ni kitorang selalu dinner kat rumah jer, sbb malas nak mkn luar.. budak2 pon dah penat seharian kat school.. food range biasanya nasi & lauk sempoi (masak sendiri), atau tapau nasi lemak/kfc.. tak pun panaskan jer apa yg ada dlm peti.. hehe weekend pula nak balik kampung, lawat sanak sedara & kawan2, or just hang out watch movie dgn anak2.. tak pon jalan2 kat lake garden..

sekarang ni, quality time is our main priority.. pada saya, duit banyak pon tapi kalau hati tak tenang, anak2 tak gembira, family porak peranda, takde maknanya.. so, biarlah berwasatiah sahaja dengan apa yg ada.. yg penting, hati tenang, jiwa damai.. kan kan?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

slipped disc

Yes lovelies, i'm currently having a slipped disc, which caused my left leg to experience numbness, weakness, and sometimes pain.

It all happened last week on Tuesday, when I suddenly had a severe back pain when I got up from bed, which limited my physical activity especially rukuk during solat (bleh rukuk 2degree je kot). The back pain run through my buttock muscle, going down my left leg until it reach my left foot. On Monday I'm wearing highheels, but the next day I can only have Crocs. I went to Klinik Menara, attended by a woman doc (I was expecting Dr Rasool), and she prescribed me with pain killer and some kind of muscle cream, in which both were not helping much.

Therefore, after work we headed to Klinik Menara (at Bkt Jelutong) and I was still expecting Dr Rasool. I was not so lucky that day, his shift was on the next day. I managed to get Dr Alan, which is also an experienced doc. After diagnosing me, he suspected me having a slipped disc. 2 days mc given by Dr Alan really helped. The pain slowly go away, however the numbness became more apparent. I went to see him again for follow-up and he referred me to DEMC Orthopedic specialist. The cause of my pain - improper uplifting of boxes on Sunday, but I guess the pain has already developed before but I just ignore it. Being me, I have all strength and time to open the boxes that were shipped 1 month ago from UK (padan muka, sbb tak sabar sesangat :P)

To cut the story short, Dr Chang (DEMC) sent me for x-ray and MRI, and confirmed me for the slipped disc. Currently I'm on daily medication and physiotherapy (twice a week). Another alternative is minor surgery, which involves an injection to the slipped disc. The final solution is to go for open surgery, which really scares me to death. Takut la kan, kang terkena spine ke, kang lumpuh ke, nauzubillah. After a deep talk with hubby, I decided to go for physiotherapy for 2 weeks and monitor the condition. If it gets worse or remain the same, I think I might want to go for the minor surgery as the risk is low. Let's pray to Allah that I will be ok after 2 weeks of physio. I'm missing my heels and since I want to lose weight, I need to exercise. As of now, I can only do minimal activity such as walking and some stretching.

Doakan saya semoga cepat sembuh daripada dugaan kesihatan ini oke?

To read more about slipped disc, you can refer here: http://www.emedicinehealth.com/slipped_disk/article_em.htm

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

she's a BIG girl now..

**I should have posted this earlier but time is really killing me these days (erghhh!!)**

31st Oct 2010 remarked our beloved Aisya's 6 years of age. Alhamdulillah, with God bless, she's grown up as a healthy and brilliant girl today. She has never-ending questions in her mind which she never stop thinking and searching for answers. Lately she asked me questions like:

"Why Allah make thunder storm and banjir?"
"Why does blood coming out from people?" -> she found 'something' in the public toilet (yucks!)
"Why people get pregnant?"
"How do babies come out from your tummy? Is it from b**tot?"

and the list goes on... so many questions that need a good explanation from me and satisfy her doubts, plus it needsto suit her age too.. :)

She loves role-play and pretend to be anyone from a dancer, singer, presenter, emcee, teacher, doctor, and whatnots. She loves her brother and always allow him to sleep on her lap. She enjoys drawing, colouring and making cards for me, and sometimes love and hate notes too (when she's angry at me :):

"Dear Mama,
I am so cross at you because....blablabla"

"Dear Mama,
I love you because you cook for me..."

I bet next year when she starts her Std 1 schooling, there'll be more and more changes and suprises in the way she talk, think and behave.. I am sooo worried and afraid, but I pray to Allah that she'll grow up as a solehah girl, daughter, and khalifah of Allah.

Happy 6th Birthday my darling Aisya!
Mama and Papa want you to know that we love you sooo much and we will always do.
And we want you to know that you will always have our ears, and hearts and shoulders to cry on. Insyallah, we will always be there whenever you need a helping hand..

And last but not least, please allow me  to read your diary even when you grow older (as you promised :)

Love heart from us,