Saturday, March 02, 2013


(lol to myself)

owh i miss this space :( dah nearly 2 tahun ditinggalkan menyepi.. i thot of closing this down but hey, why should i close it? bior jela kan.. kot2 ada mood nak menulis balik :)

anyway, it has been 2 years of good memories and busy days i must say.. busy working, busy pregnant and busy jaga new baby :) Alhamdulillah, i managed to cope with all of that very well.. semuanya dengan kehendak Allah.. 

For a start, introducing my major achievement while i was hiding :P - my 3rd baby, Imran Akasyah.. born on 12th June 2012 (120612) at 37+ weeks through caesarean.. he weighed merely 2.94kg and had a prolonged breastfeeding jaundice (more than a month).. a very easy baby to take care especially during pantang.. semoga mama selama-lamanya senang menjaga dan membesarkanmu wahai anak..

 the day he was born

 Tahnik, bercukur & aqiqah

Pakcik uncle started the shaving, and mama finished it until botak licin!

 loving kakak & abang

 keras kejung abang kontrol senyum sbb pegang adik

Imran's first bottle training. success dengan Avent at first try! Alhamdulillah..

6mo Imran.. very cheerfull! somehow i think he's getting fairer hehe

8mo Imran.. sending off Tok Ayah to umrah

baru nk start fever.. bfast at mamak's

pity boy.. had high fever for few days..

the latest one, with mama.. (abaikan tudung senget & muka sembap kes tak cukup tdo)
hope that this wont be my 1st and last entry of 2013 :D need to pen-off.. nak kena fetch Tok Ayah & Tok Mi from their umrah..