Thursday, July 27, 2006


I used to have that irresistible habit once (like Yati's in her latest post) when Aisya was still a small baby. Who on earth could withstand the temptation of baby's beautiful gowns and skirt? Plus if it's on Sale! After a while, hubby & I ended with too many clothes for Aisya, and some of them have hardly been worn, maybe once or twice. We finally figured out the bad side of being hooked to the habit to our financial track. Then we decided to buy only necessary things during our outings by listing all the needs before going out. Sometimes we ended buying lesser that we planned, especially on clothes and food. Plus now I'm really careful when picking up groceries or raw food at the market, because I hate throwing food into the dustbin because of expired or left uncooked in the fridge for too long. It's really a waste!


Sometimes the excitement of Mega Sale cannot hold us back from spending BIG, especially on shoes & clothes. But for food, we still manage not to get attached to expensive dining, enough for delicious food at reasonable price. Cannot afford yet maaa. We rarely (or maybe never until we get too rich) spend money on expensive things, but normally we'll try to look for branded things at a good bargain during Mega Sale. Saje laa nak merasa kan? Our priority would go for the price 1st, followed by the quality the brand (except for my shoes, quality & brand will be the 2nd priority - he he). That's why before buying or trying an outfit, we'll check the price tag 1st. It might looks clumsy to some people, but hey, we're the one who's paying ok & not to be hypocrite here. So, as for this year's Mega Sale, I think I want to score BIG as not to miss this once-in-a-year chance! Done with the Part 1 of my retail therapy last weekend - =P Shall proceed with Hari Raya shopping next weekend!.. isk tak sabarnye..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

10 Great Ways To Burn More Fat - By Raphael Calzadilla, eDiets Chief Fitness Pro

You’re so busy you have absolutely no time to work out, right? Wrong. It’s important that you make the time and I’m here to help you do it. In this busy world filled with work pressure, family and stress we sometimes have to use a lot of creativity to sneak in workout time.

I’ve constructed some quick tips to keep you moving, your muscles stimulated and your blood flowing in minimal time. Now you have no excuse.

Here are my 10 fat burning tips for people on the go:

1. When you first wake up commit to 10 minutes of continuous exercise. Choose only three movements and perform each in succession without stopping for 10 minutes. For example, Monday you can perform modified push-ups, followed by crunches for your abs followed by stationary lunges. On Tuesday you can perform free-standing squats with hands on hips, double crunch for abs, and close grip modified push-ups (hands 3-inches apart) for your triceps. Just 10 minutes! Just take a quick breather when you need it.

2. Perform timed interval walking in your neighborhood or at lunch. If it takes 10 minutes to walk to a certain destination near your office or in your neighborhood, try to make it in eight minutes. You can also do this first thing in the morning before work as well as on your lunch break.

3. If you have stairs in your home or in your work place, commit to taking the stairs a specific number of times. Tell yourself that you’ll take the stairs six or eight times (no matter what).

4. While seated, perform some isometric exercise to help strengthen and tighten your muscles. For example, while in a seated position, simply contract the abdominals for 30 seconds while breathing naturally. You can also tighten and contract your legs for 60 seconds. Perform about three sets per area. You’ll feel your muscles get tighter in just three weeks if you perform this a few times per week.

5. For about $15 you can invest in a pedometer. It’s a small device you can carry that records the amount of miles you walk per day. Each week simply try to add just a bit more to the mileage. For example, let’s say you walk one mile total during the day in the normal course of activities. Simply try to make it two miles total the following week. Just make a game of it. You'll burn more calories.

6. Tired at night and just want to sit in front of the TV? Try this technique: take periodic five-minute exercise breaks and perform some muscle stimulating and calorie burning exercise. For example, take five minutes and perform only ab crunches. Then, when it's time for another five-minute exercise break, perform modified push-ups for five minutes. Then for a final five-minute break, perform stationary lunges. Try to do as many as possible in five minutes and try to beat your amount of reps during each subsequent break. It won’t seem daunting because it’s only five minutes at a time, split over a 30 or 60 minute timeframe. Instead of rest breaks, you’ll take exercise breaks. You don’t really need to watch that new commercial do you?

7. How about performing one exercise movement per day for seven to 10 minutes? For example, Monday: free-standing squats for seven minutes. Tuesday: chair dips for seven minutes. Wednesday: crunches and hip lifts off the floor for seven minutes. Thursday: modified push-up for seven minutes. Friday: stationary lunges for seven minutes. It’s quick, simple and teaches consistency.

8. Want things even simpler? Take the longest route every time you have to walk somewhere -- even if it’s to a co-workers office.

9. Double-up the stairs. Everytime you take the stairs, simply take a double step or every other stair. It will be just like lunges and the Stairmaster combined. Great for the legs and butt.

10. Perform any of the above with your spouse or a friend. I’m sure you can find someone who is in the same situation. The support will give you more motivation and you just may find that you can create even more workout time for yourself.

Hey, I know this won’t make you an Olympic athlete or give you six-pack abs, but that’s not the goal. I just want to see you making an effort to improve. If you take two to three of your favorite tips above -- that will be the beginning of something great.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Aisya is 3 months to 2 years old. dah banyak vocab. mulut kepoh (mcm sapa ye) & pandai nanyi, tapi lirik sesuka hati la, besides lagu yg slalu dia nyanyi mcm burung kakak tua, twinkle2 little star, old mcdonald & i love u. normally semua vocab yg dia dah tahu semua masuk dlm lagu ciptaan sendirinya. siap buat gaya lagi. sayangnya mama takde videocam. video kat camera tak best.. alasan.. hehe

Vocab terkini:
+ akut (takut)
+ nashi (nasi)
+ polish (polis)
+ atash (atas)
+ olensh (oren)
+ kashut (kasut)
+ roshak (rosak)
+ o ayah (tok ayah)
+ yuyu (aunty uyu)
+ oo cik (tok cik)
+ nani (barney)
+ bila (nabila > rival kat nursery)
+ worm
+ ulat

..ermm apa lagi ek..

Yg herannya semua yg ada letter 's' dia akan replace dgn 'sh'. pelik gak sbb we all sebut betul, takde pelat2. camne la leh jadi camtu. pk2 balik, rasanya dia benchmark word 'fish', so semua yg dia dengar ada 's', automatic dia replace dgn 'sh'.. apa2 la Aisya kan? asalkan Aisya happy and be a good girl. sbb kalau naughty girl, nanti polish datang ambik.

"Aisya takut polis tak?" mama tanya..
"akut.." Aisya jawab dgn suara takut2..


Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to Saiful Imran..
Happy Birthday to u..

happy 23rd birthday big bradah!

p/s: for a birthday cake, pls come see me.. =P

Monday, July 17, 2006

getting ol'

She left on 4th July 2004, three days after I turned 24.. It was 9pm on my birthday when she told me she wanted to be admitted into the hospital.. She told me that she couldn’t bare the headache anymore.. She told me it really hurts.. Steroids didn’t work for her anymore.. I get her Morphine, but it lasted for 30minutes only and the headache came back.. I found myself struggling inside, not to burst into tears, to show that I’m strong and I could take good care of her.. But I failed to, and the tears insisted to gush out..

it was 1st July 2006 and I turned 26, and I don’t expect a celebration.. For this year’s birthday and for the years to come, let my birthday be not more than the remembrance on my mom’s departure.. and yupp, we arranged a tahlil for her on the night before..

I think my brother thought that he and the rest are responsible to make me feels happy that day.. Hence he bought me a delicious marble cheesecake from a nearby Secret Recipe, using his own money.. And it really makes my day (and makes me feel guilty as well for eating a huge slice!).. Gracias!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kisah makcik tua yg kurang a**r

Sakit hati & geram sangat2! me, hubby, my sis Uwu & Aisya are on the way balik kampung last Thursday & we all singgah kat R&R tu utk clean-up Aisya’s vomit, lunch & solat.. masa Mama solat, Aisya mcm biasa akan mundar-mandir kat depan tapi takdela kacau pon.. pastu Aunty Uwu suruh dia duduk tepi so that we all both can solat concurrently..

Adegan tak senang dilihat pon bermula bila Aisya terundur & terlanggar handbag sorang makcik tua yg tgh solat.. mtyka (shortform utk makcik tuh) yg tengah solat tetiba berenti solat, membongkok dan menjerit “patah spec aku! batal semayang aku! Bakpola dok biar budak kecik nih!” dan membantai blakang Aisya dgn sekuat hatinya sampaikan mama yg tgh solat pon ter’pause’ sbb bunyi kuat macam buah kelapa jatuh..

Spontaneously mama kerling towards Aisya.. she’s startled & began to cry.. sekuat2 hati sbb sakit & terkejut.. mana penah ada org pukul dia sekuat tuh.. mama yg tengah solat tetiba mengalir airmata.. kenapala anak mama dipukul.. tak patah pon spec dia tuh.. lagipon Aisya is still a small girl.. sayu sangat rasa.. Aunty Uwu terus dakap Aisya & lari bawak keluar surau.. mama solat sambil nangis dan lepas selesai, cepat2 doa pada Allah supaya Allah balas cash perbuatan mtyka tuh.. mama tahu tak patut doa macam tuh, tapi sakit hati dan sedih sangat2.. nak marah balik tak terdaya, maybe sbb still in shocked mode.. bingkas bangun lepas berdoa dan cepat2 dapatkan Aisya & Aunty Uwu kat luar surau.. Aisya masih tersedu sedan, while Aunty Uwu still nangis tak henti2.. everyone in the family sayangkan Aisya as if we all sayangkan arwah mak.. sbb dialah pengubat rindu kami kat mak.. she came to the world just after mak left us.. sbb tuh Aunty Uwu nangis horror sangat.. I know what she felt deep inside..

mama ambik Aisya bawak keluar surau & dapatkan papa.. Aunty Uwu pegi solat & I know she had a mission in her mind.. malangnya lepas dia solat mtyka tuh dah takde.. berbakul2 Aunty Uwu nyumpah makcik tuh..sampai je KB, mama citer kat tok ayah & I know already what he will say.. being him, he will go to the mtyka & patahkan spec dia betul2 sbb dia dah pon pukul his grand daughter.. (my dad used to do a lot of revenge.. hehe.. not to mention here) naperla tok ayah takde masa Aisya kena pukul kan.. kalau tak, puas hati mama.. now ni rasa ralat sangat sbb tak sempat beri pengajaran kat makcik tuh.. tapi takpelah, dah doa pon.. semoga Allah tunjukkan dia jalan yg betul.. ameen..