Friday, December 30, 2005

Welcome to Moms' Zone

it's the new title for my blog (previously it was Beautiful Life..) it's still the same blog, but with a new, refreshing (maybe) skin and template! it's not because Beautiful Life sounds boring to me or my life is no more beautiful.. (hahaha!)

to be frank, Moms' Zone will be my experiment to earn money from Google Adsense, by narrowing down the subject-focused including the title.. as beginner to Google Adsense, there're lots more to learn.. meaning, more time for reading, research & browsing.. and this is only the beginning.. mind the hiccup okay?

should there be anyone interested to know what is Google Adsense & how do i earn money from it, click here for a quick tour...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blog & Surf Faster??

i've heard of this google toolbar for quite a time but has never used it myself.. just now i've installed it at my pc and wow!! this is just so great for surfing & blogging! "wink"

i don't have to go to each time i want to blog. just a single click at a small blogger icon (at my google toolbar), login & blog straight away in a simpler & smaller window.. wanna try? bare in mind this is a secured software by google.. so, don't worry.. this software won't harm your pc.. =) click at the firefox icon at the right column of my page and you'll know how to manage the rest!

Earn More Money?

how to earn more money besides monthly fixed salary? i'm still working on it, still studying.. will reveal it here once mastered!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Post Natal Care Set

To all moms out there searching for Post Natal Care set, I would reccomend to use this one.. I've tried it during my confinement & Alhamdulillah my health and energy recovered in short period.. here's the features of Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care:

  • a complete herbal solution to help new mother regain her physique, internally and externally, quickly and conveniently.
  • it has 10 herbal components used over a period of 44 days for the complete care and recovery of new mothers after childbirth. Includes a FREE Post Natal Abdominal Binder with every purchase of the set.
  • tropical formulations that contain herbs that have been used traditionally by the Chinese, Indians, and Malays to aid in the new mother's recovery during confinement.
  • For oral consumption:Herbal Tea, After Birth 1 and After Birth 2)
  • For External Use:Herbal Douche, Herbal Bath, Herbal Massage Oil, Baby Oil, Firming Herbal Blend, Warming Herbal Blend, and Calming Herbal Blend.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete and convenient. Everything you need is in this pack. Minimal preparation required as all the products are pre-measured and ready for use.
  • Proven efficacy. The herbs used have been traditionally time-tested and scientifically proven efficacy.
  • Standardised herbs.Uses of standardised herbal extract of active ingredients for quality and consistency of the formulation.
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives added.
  • Vegetable capsules used. The oils used are plant-based.These products are suitable for vegetarians and those with religious restrictions.
  • Reputable herbal manufacturer. With years of experience in production of herbal-based products, the company fulfills the Biro Pengawalan Farmasuetikal Kebangsaan/Drug Control Authority (BPFK/DCA) criteria for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. Eating well and keeping fit and relaxed are very important as she's supplying the nutritional needs of her developing baby. Post natal care after delivery is just as important because the new mother needs to regain her energy and vitality, as well as care for her new born. In most Asian cultures, the confinement period is a time when the new mothers are nursed back to health, usually with a combination of specially selected foods, herbs and other traditional practices.
Anyone interested? Feel free to contact me for ordering or further enquiries. Call me at 013-3943452 or email me at

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

err..losing weight? any IDEA?

god.. it is so hard to lose weight after i gave birth to Aisya.. all the stubborn fat loves my body so much! haha.. when shall i wear my kebaya again? (sigh..) well, i did lost 2kgs during the past fasting month.. but all the irresistable sumptuous food; open-houses, wedding feasts, bla bla bla.. all are making me gaining back the kilos! how easy to gain and how hard to lose! (boringnyerr..!!)

after a long break from exercising, i think i MUST join back Fitness 1st.. doing some exercises must make me feel a lot more better than having done nothing.. "wink"

btw, here are some useful tips i want to share, simple things we can do daily to increase metabolism.. especially for those having the same problem like me.. hahaha:
  • take the stairs not the lift (checked)

  • do not use the remote control to change the TV channel etc (err..)

  • play a ball game with your kids (checked)

  • do some gardening (haven't started yet)

  • go for a walk with your family (really need to find some time for this)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The newborn princess!

My beloved best friend whom I personally treat her like my own sister has gave birth to this beautiful little baby on 5th December 2006 at 9.55pm, 2 weeks earlier that her EDD.. she was named Fatin, as simple as her mom & dad's names! I think her unexpected new arrival makes Fatin enjoys sleeping very much!.. congratulations to Gna & Arai for the presence of your beautiful baby! don't forget to invite us for her Aqiqah.. (God I am so excited when comes to visit new babies lately!! ermp..) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

for Moms & Moms-to-be

after collecting a few related links, I decided to add a special reading/shopping corner at my blog named mums & babies.. I found these links really useful for moms and moms-to-be who are searching for local suppliers selling the most trusted and dependable products available in the market today.. they are selling range of products for nursing mom from brand like Medela, Avent, Spectra and Lollipop & not forgetting baby gears, maternity dresses & reading materials for motherhood & parenting.. they are also offering support services for nursing moms who are in passion for breastfeeding their babies, especially for those with nursing difficulties to successfully breastfeed..

I really recommend all moms & moms-to-be to have a peek at these links as there are a lot of things to read and learn.. even a mom of a 1yr old child like me still need a lot of reading on how to smoothly cruise this journey of motherhood.. happy reading and shopping!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Airasia RM1.99!!

a friend of mine emailed me that AirAsia is having this RM1.99 promotion.. me & hubby are considering to go back to KB for Raya Haji & MAS is no more an option to us since the fares strike rm179/person for 1 KL to KB trip!! apparently we can't afford to fly with MAS anymore.. no more Supersaver fares that we usually get at RM97.. so i just give a try for this cheap fares, nothing to lose right?..

at 1st, to me it sounds a bit ridiculous to get an airfare this cheap.. i once told myself that the flight crews & airline staff must have booked these fares for their family & close friends.. but my thought slipped off when I managed to buy 2 RETURN rm1.99 tickets from KLIA to KB for me & hubby for this coming Raya Haji.. i repeat, RETURN AIR TICKET.. luckily Aisya's fare is flat rated at rm20 per trip.. let me tell u the details..

fare price: RM 47.96 (1.99 x 2person x 2trip + 40.00forAisya)
taxes: RM120.00 (30.00 x 2person x 2trip)

total fare: RM167.96


hehe.. isn't that cheap & really saves our pocket? we don't have to travel in our stuffed-with-Aisya's-toys car for 8hours long across the north-south boundary.. it saves us 2 days of hectic journey & lots of energy for shopping in KB!.. and the best part is, I don't have to put my eyes on Aisya for the entire 8 hours long (gosh she's really energetic & naughty now that she rests only at sleep!!)

to guys & girls out there, just try your luck for rm0.00 airfares to all over ASEAN.. let's fly with AirAsia.. i'm still trying my luck but it looks like my fav days are fully-booked oredy.. :(

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Aisya's 1st Birthday!

Last Sunday, I arranged for some ‘makan-makan’ at my Makcik’s house in Sri Kembangan.. and that was to celebrate Aisya’s belated 1st birthday too.. sorry dear for the 2 weeks delay.. hehe.. I didn’t plan it well but fortunately we managed to have some food & finish them excellently.. but sorry frens for not inviting any of you.. I only made it for my nearest families, even those in Kota Bharu or Kulim weren’t invited =).. I made my usual Spaghetti Bolognese, Makcik made delicious "meehoon goreng" & bought plenty of Satay Kajang, and not forgetting for Aisya’s 1st birthday cake, I bought a sumptuous vanilla ice-cream cake, which was absolutely my best choice! Nyummss!.. poor birthday girl that she could only eat strings of spaghetti (with some tomato sauce dip) and only pinches of vanilla cake (with no ice-cream).. not much pictures were taken since the photographer needed to hold the sleepy birthday girl who was really confused with what’s going on.. all in all, we had a great tummy time that day! Aisya got some present.. a meal set from her aunties and a teddy bear from Tok Jang.. me & hubby gave her a box of flash cards as she could already recognized a few things lately.. not forgetting Aunty Uyu's really cute, birthday card mailed from faraway Soton.. (to Aunty Uyu, don't forget expensive present kay??) Happy 1st Birthday To Our Beloved Aisya.. we will keep your 1st birthday candle as the event’s evident!.. hehee..

p/s: insyallah.. we'll try to have a proper one next time! Posted by Picasa