Thursday, December 15, 2005

The newborn princess!

My beloved best friend whom I personally treat her like my own sister has gave birth to this beautiful little baby on 5th December 2006 at 9.55pm, 2 weeks earlier that her EDD.. she was named Fatin, as simple as her mom & dad's names! I think her unexpected new arrival makes Fatin enjoys sleeping very much!.. congratulations to Gna & Arai for the presence of your beautiful baby! don't forget to invite us for her Aqiqah.. (God I am so excited when comes to visit new babies lately!! ermp..) Posted by Picasa


rumet said...

what happened to your adsense ni? nak tolong click harini dah hilang plakk

Anonymous said...

tgh dok betulkan code ni.. celaru dah.. hehe

met.. jum kite sama2 click.. aku klik ko nyer.. ko klik aku nyer..