Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Post Natal Care Set

To all moms out there searching for Post Natal Care set, I would reccomend to use this one.. I've tried it during my confinement & Alhamdulillah my health and energy recovered in short period.. here's the features of Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care:

  • a complete herbal solution to help new mother regain her physique, internally and externally, quickly and conveniently.
  • it has 10 herbal components used over a period of 44 days for the complete care and recovery of new mothers after childbirth. Includes a FREE Post Natal Abdominal Binder with every purchase of the set.
  • tropical formulations that contain herbs that have been used traditionally by the Chinese, Indians, and Malays to aid in the new mother's recovery during confinement.
  • For oral consumption:Herbal Tea, After Birth 1 and After Birth 2)
  • For External Use:Herbal Douche, Herbal Bath, Herbal Massage Oil, Baby Oil, Firming Herbal Blend, Warming Herbal Blend, and Calming Herbal Blend.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete and convenient. Everything you need is in this pack. Minimal preparation required as all the products are pre-measured and ready for use.
  • Proven efficacy. The herbs used have been traditionally time-tested and scientifically proven efficacy.
  • Standardised herbs.Uses of standardised herbal extract of active ingredients for quality and consistency of the formulation.
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives added.
  • Vegetable capsules used. The oils used are plant-based.These products are suitable for vegetarians and those with religious restrictions.
  • Reputable herbal manufacturer. With years of experience in production of herbal-based products, the company fulfills the Biro Pengawalan Farmasuetikal Kebangsaan/Drug Control Authority (BPFK/DCA) criteria for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. Eating well and keeping fit and relaxed are very important as she's supplying the nutritional needs of her developing baby. Post natal care after delivery is just as important because the new mother needs to regain her energy and vitality, as well as care for her new born. In most Asian cultures, the confinement period is a time when the new mothers are nursed back to health, usually with a combination of specially selected foods, herbs and other traditional practices.
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Ummu Auni said...

julie, berapa? ko jadi member ek?
lain kali nak brsalin, boleh ler amik :D

julie.yaacob said...

aini.. harga around 200 - 250 rasanya.. nak kena tanya pakcik.. pakcik aku member amway.. aku member gak tapi dah expired.. hehe

aida said...

wowow.. masuk masuk je dah tukau kulit.. heheheh

set trpoical herbs tu kalau aku ngandung lagi aku order ngan ko jer la ;)

julie.yaacob said...

worite.. korang berdua plan nak tambah lagi dlm masa terdekat ker? "wink"

aida said...

esh taklah, eish.. lambat lagi.. yg 2 org tu pun dah nak terbalik rumah