Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Aisya's 1st Birthday!

Last Sunday, I arranged for some ‘makan-makan’ at my Makcik’s house in Sri Kembangan.. and that was to celebrate Aisya’s belated 1st birthday too.. sorry dear for the 2 weeks delay.. hehe.. I didn’t plan it well but fortunately we managed to have some food & finish them excellently.. but sorry frens for not inviting any of you.. I only made it for my nearest families, even those in Kota Bharu or Kulim weren’t invited =).. I made my usual Spaghetti Bolognese, Makcik made delicious "meehoon goreng" & bought plenty of Satay Kajang, and not forgetting for Aisya’s 1st birthday cake, I bought a sumptuous vanilla ice-cream cake, which was absolutely my best choice! Nyummss!.. poor birthday girl that she could only eat strings of spaghetti (with some tomato sauce dip) and only pinches of vanilla cake (with no ice-cream).. not much pictures were taken since the photographer needed to hold the sleepy birthday girl who was really confused with what’s going on.. all in all, we had a great tummy time that day! Aisya got some present.. a meal set from her aunties and a teddy bear from Tok Jang.. me & hubby gave her a box of flash cards as she could already recognized a few things lately.. not forgetting Aunty Uyu's really cute, birthday card mailed from faraway Soton.. (to Aunty Uyu, don't forget expensive present kay??) Happy 1st Birthday To Our Beloved Aisya.. we will keep your 1st birthday candle as the event’s evident!.. hehee..

p/s: insyallah.. we'll try to have a proper one next time! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

buh gambar je? entry ngelat nih!

Anonymous said...

sebnanya mmg nak tambah gamber je.. camner tah tak reti nak tukar tarikh tu jadi cam sebelumnye... ngeh ngeh