Saturday, May 30, 2009

decission, decission and more decissions..

again i have to made tough decisions..

if before, nak kena decide whether nak sambung blaja ke tak, that decission dah over.. then nak decide nak buat local or overseas, that decission also dah over.. for info, i've applied for ytm, mara & yayasan khazanah.. and since i managed to get only mara, it's easier to decide whether to go or not to go.. (i must say it's a tiring year full of interviews =)

but now, since i've applied for 3 universities and 2 have positively answered, i've to decide to which university i'm going since the courses are all different.. and since mara only sponsor for the student only, i need to decide whether to take my family along for the whole one year or to go alone for the first several months and let them come later.. is it possible for both me and hubby to take unpaid leave? possible memang possible, but financially, can we manage it? hohoho..

2 budak nak kena tinggal.. sanggupkah saya?

sometimes, hati kecilku berkata-kata, "tula siapa suruh apply?".. but hati besarku pon berkata-kata juga, "this is what i want!".. hubby menyokong penuh apa jua decissionku.. so, i need to do all the calculations and justification so that i could bring them all with me.. i'm surely cannot afford to live without them even for a month! especially the kids.. hohoho.. (marah hubby kalau dia tahu..hehe)

btw, i've submitted my unpaid leave application to my GM, and now waiting for the GM's approval.. harap2 dia approve.. semoga segala perancangan nak further study ni berjalan lancar.. ameen..

Friday, May 15, 2009


after a month of impatient waiting, the result is finally out!! thanks to all wishes and doa! cuaks nyer saya!!!