Friday, December 15, 2006


I received a call from TM Tiaratot a few minutes ago.. it was out of my expectation.. Aisya was offered to enter Tiratot (2yo class) beginning January 07.. I was out of words, neither saying No nor Yes.. I don’t remember sending the application for Tiaratot, and don’t expect any offer all this while.. I asked the lady I will call her back soon with an answer.. I paused, called hubby and discuss, a lot of questions came thru our conversation, such as..

Will she be happy at the new place?
Will she easily make new friends there?
Will there be a lot of toys?
Is she ready for a change?
Can she take bath as early as 630am before going to her new school? (uh uh)

After all, I guess we are the one who worry too much.. I told hubby, sooner or later, we have to let go the nursery Aisya is attending now once we move to Shah Alam next year (insyaallah).. it’s not easy, neither for us nor for Aisya, off course.. Aisya was with the nursery since she was 2 months old.. she loves the place and the people whom taking care of her.. However, I think we will have more time with her if she is in Tiaratot.. I could visit her during lunch time, maybe.. and if she fell sick, I can easily reach her for doctor.. we can have breakfast together every morning and I can fetch her as early as 540pm everyday.. Nowadays, we only manage to get home at 7pm the earliest! And most of the time, it’s already dark outside.. Sometimes, Aisya fell asleep already and we really pity her and feel sorry for her.. :( (bad parent, huh!)

After a while, I called back the Tiaratot lady and answer Yes, though we still haven’t made a firm decision. We need to register her on 8th January and still have plenty of time incase we want to change our mind.. What’s best for Aisya shall be best for us.. Hope we are making a wise consideration about this! May Allah bless us!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aku sekarang..

Nak muntah
Nak demam

Aku suka..

Minyak mestika
Gula2 trebor oren
Buah oren
Tido awal

Aku tak suka..

Mandi malam

Aku allergy..

Bau rokok
Bau makanan

Aku kesian..


Bila aku nak kembali normal ni? :(

Monday, December 04, 2006


btw, happy birthday my lovely sis, Ms Nurul Husna... ingat Allah selalu.. ingat mak & ingat kami juga.. study rajin2, nanti dapat duit banyak2 bleh blanje me a new handphone, ok? he he he..