Sunday, September 07, 2008

i miss blogging.. sobbs

It has been almost a year I didn’t blog and I’m quite lost track of what happen in my life.. at least I capture the important dates when I blog.. but I still read my friends’ blog to get the latest updates..

Reason for not blogging for a long time:

  • Moved to a new unit – there, we’re busy all the time.. boss tu macam tau2 jer kalau kerja dah siap, ada jer keje lain.. so, it’s a never ending story..

  • Moved to our new house – no internet/telephone line until recently.. but susah sgt nak ada time on my own sbb hubby still studying.. so, I have to take care of the kids most of the time.. bila budak2 dah tidur, I am too tired already to be on the net..

  • Aisya a.k.a. Kakak dah pandai request for playhouse Disney online games sbb ada tunjuk kat TV... so everytime I attempt to blog, dia pon sampai mengenden2 & melalak2 kalau tak dapat main games tu.. sabor jela..

But today, since my sister is here, I asked her to watch the kids downstairs watching Ice Age for god-only-know how many times, and I went upstairs silently.. hehe.. I can only summarize what happen for the past months:

Aisya a.k.a kakak

Learnt a lot of things at TM Taska.. she is able to write her own name but with reversed S.. she knows a lot of Doa and her English vocab is quite good.. her sosial skill also improved.. now, her teachers want to focus on improving her English speaking.. selalu la mama & papa kena tegur kalau tak cakap English dgn dia.. kalau marah pon nak kena in English.. rajin buat homework, walaupon asyik nak cepat & main bantai jer.. tak kesahlaa, asalkan siap on her own.. sgt sayangkan adiknya, walaupon kekadang si adik yg buli dia.. latest, dia minta nak masuk Tom Tom Bak sbb nak diinterview uncle Aznil & nak nyanyi twinkle2 little star.. pengaruh tv betoi..

Faris a.k.a adik

Faris turned 1 y.o. last 13th July.. birthday celebration still tunda sbb Papa asyik busy.. most probably buat sama dgn kakak la kot.. he started walking at 11 mths, and sekarang dah berlari dah.. lotih den nak mengejar kalau kat shopping mall.. stroller jgn harapla nak duduk.. verbal belum clear tapi adalah sket like mama, papa, tatak (kakak), nak, nanak (tanak), nanana (banana) & ce’ce’ (susu).. he love to dance ala2 Pocoyo.. gigi dah nak masuk 8.. suka nyanyi, ajuk org nyanyi & membebel, dah pandai marah2 kat kakak & faham what we say.. I managed to breastfeed him for 1 year, then dia yg tak nak.. tak puas kot.. Alhamdulillah la sbb kakak tak bf langsung.. semoga anak ke-3 nanti boleh bf lagi lama..


Me already turned 28 last 1st July.. dah nak masuk 30’s kan? Life achievement : family-wise quite Alhamdulillah dengan 2 kids and a happy family.. career-wise pon Alhamdulillah, so far tak jemu lagi la keje dgn T*.. tapi deep inside my heart still ada angan2 nak sambung Masters in Eng yg tergendala since 2004.. kononnya nak switch ke lecturing part-time or full-time.. tapi kalau nak sambung Masters, nak buat overseas full-time boleh tak? Maklumla, masa Degree takde can nak buat o/seas.. hiks (ngengada tak?).. what ever pon memang nak buat full-time sbb nengokkan hubby buat part-time dgn UITM mcm nak pengsan..


Dah habis 1 yr on his EMBA, so another <1>

Gonna stop now as hubby dah balik.. i will share my Ramadhan activities in the next entry (kalau ada).. Selamat Berpuasa semua! chow chin chow..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm back..

but rasanya just for a while..

Me – currently in new position (no no, not upgraded yet), triple works, ½ stress.. and that’s why I don’t blog for a looooong time.. my new unit is actually the 1st unit I joined in when I started working with this company.. best sbb mcm family sendiri & the new job require me to think a lot.. I do network design for leased line services, best sbb task baru..

Hubby – 2nd semester of his EMBA.. GO HUBBY GO!!! 1st sem he got 1st class and I’m sooo proud of him (behind a successful man is always a woman.. he he he) We need to sacrifice all of our weekends, tak dapat balik kampung and tak dapat cuti2 Malaysia.. I must insist a vacation during his sem break, which is 2 months.. tak kira, kena gi cuti2 juga, tak kesahla kat mana..

Aisya – diaper-free except for poo poo and at nighttime.. 1 week enrolled with Dzuliman, and Alhamdulillah so far.. Start making new friends and start learning Iqra’ already.. Handwriting and coloring skills improved, except for the choice of colors, hancuss.. sangat pandai main dgn Faris, tapi at times jealous gile especially bila mama susukan adiknya..

Faris – 7m.o and still on breastfeeding (80%)! I’m sooo proud that I still bf him, despite the tiredness and lack of expressed milk due to my tight schedule at work.. He started crawling at 4m.o and now already attempted to stand on his own.. Lotih jaga this teruna coz I need to keep my eyes on him at all time.. sangat manja, maybe because of bf kot.. hopefully I will continue to bf at least until he turns 1y.o.

New house – just completed renovation (little only).. actually we plan to move in during CNY but now already delay for 1 month.. hubby is so busy with his EMBA and I am so busy taking care of the kids.. as of now, the next tentative date will be mid-March.. harap2 dah takde delay lagi.. penat ulang-alik to settle things..

Alamak.. Faris is awake already.. bye bye for now.. ntah bila lagi boleh memblog.. hu hu hu.. miss my sweet time blogging..