Sunday, July 19, 2009

july is ending..

it seems that i only manage to update my blog once a month.. he he.. seriously i got no time for this.. but since this is the only life journal that i have, kena gak update eventho skali skala.. at least i could capture the important events in my hectic life.. i'll summarize what happen since the last update..

1st July 2009

it was my 29th birthday!! rasa tua plak bile dah nak cecah 30's ni.. atau memang sudah tua?? gosh!! i still feel like i'm just a sweet 25 girl.. but anyway, i believe that age is just a number.. most important is to stay healthy and happy.. i think i'm enjoying both!! aisya said she couldn't give me a present coz she's still a little girl and have no money.. she promised me a huge present when she's grown up!

4th July 2009

it remarks 5 years of my loneliness.. 5 years ago, mak passed away at 4am 4th July.. to mak, you're always the queen of my heart, and i always want to be as strong, patient, generous, humble, supportive, cheerful, optimist and everything like you.. anak2 mak merindui mak sentiasa.. smoga kita kan berjumpa di syurga Allah.. ameen..

9-13th July

attending BTN (tajaan MARA) at kem BTN Ulu Sepri, NS.. it was so short notice, i received the invitation letter on 7pm 8th July.. seb baik ada geng, bleh gak tumpang.. in summary, i found btn really enlighten my perspectives about many things.. to me, it's nothing to do with political agenda.. it's just like attending a very comprehensive Sejarah camp and it really does boosts my patriotism!

13th July 2009

receive a call from YTM, i've been shortlisted for YTM scholarship interview.. the interview is on 16th and my flight to UK is on 15th.. what a mess! oh btw, i'm going for my sister's convocation ceremony in southampton, uk on 17th.. me is going with Aisya and my youngest sister Syazana.. the worst part is my ticket is not refundable and cannot be rescheduled.. after a comprehensive discussion wif hubby, we decided to go for the interview and purchase a new ticket for me on the 16th night.. i really hope it'll be a worth rmX.Xk investment!

btw, Faris is turning 2y.o.. mama tak sempat nak plan apa2 coz baru balik BTN dan sgt penat sayang.. nanti mama buat post celebration kat school ok? Alhamdulillah, he's growing up fast and very active too.. he's cheeky and lovely.. suka sgt kejar kakak sbb nak kiss kakak.. kakak plak tak suka adek dia gomol.. huhu.. comel.. his milestone - dah banyak cakap, banyak vocab, and dah pandai interact dgn org.. and pandai ajuk org cakap gaks..

15th July 2009

me, hubby and in-laws were in KLIA sending off Aisya & Syazana to London.. it was Aisya's first overseas trip and she's travelling without her parents.. I managed to convince her that she's going with Mak Su and not me.. she made herself understood and things went pretty good during the farewell.. dia ingat pegi UK ni mcm balik rumah tok ayah kat KB jer.. he he.. Alhamdulillah they arrived safely at London wif not much hassle.. adala issue sket dengan UK border but Alhamdulillah semuanya ok..

16th July 2009

attended the YTM interview (again) wif so many butterflies in my stomach! there were 15 candidates, 5 phd overseas, 5 masters overseas & 5 phd local.. i'm not sure of number of people they're sponsoring.. there were 4 interview panels, 1 from YTM and 3 Doctors (Phd).. they were so friendly and it made me felt so comfortable.. it was a fun 20 minutes session and i felt so relieved then.. i think i've done my best and hoping for the best result too.. pray for me okay!

17th July 2009

it was 0040 in the morning and i was on MH02 to London Heathrow, leaving hubby and Faris at home (kesian depa).. it was a 13 hour flight, and i felt like travelling by train from JB to KB.. i arrived at London at 630am, alhamdulillah.. it was a smooth journey and i dont have any problem wif the immigration.. i met my bro at 8am and we took a bus to Southampton..

now i'm already in Soton.. i think this entry is enough for now, dah panjang berjela dah.. nanti I'll story about UK trip some more in my next update.. there'll be a lot of photos too (i promise myself, he he).. it's already 340am now and i need to perform my Subuh prayer..

chow chin chow dulu..