Friday, August 24, 2007

Takziah Zarid & Fahmy..

smlm tiba2 mendapat panggilan drpd Semah.. saya terkejut & tergamam.. sebak.. besarnya dugaan Allah utk Fahmy & Zarid sekeluarga.. kita hanya mampu merancang.. kuasa Allah yg menentukan..

Al-Fatihah untuk anakanda kalian yg tersayang..
Semoga tabah & sabar dgn dugaan ini..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Faris Akasyah

Faris - 1 hari
Faris - 1 minggu (sedikit tan selepas phototherapy session)
Faris - 1 bulan (selepas dibotakkan Papa & Tok Ayah)

Nota kaki: gambar tak berapa clear sbb ambik guna hp..

Friday, August 10, 2007

Key Collection!

Eventually, our house developer called my hubby to set appointment for house key collection.. yeehaaaa.. bestnyer rasa - baby baru.. rumah baru.. hehe.. so, yesterday hubby went for unit inspection & key collection at Denai Alam, seksyen U16 Shah Alam.. tapi hubby tak sempat nak meninjau lebih2 pon sbb dia bz.. so, bermula la episode merancang2 pembelian dan mengorek2 kewangan di mana perlu.. kalau takde 10-20k, rumah kosong jela jawabnya.. and that's a lot of money ok.. mana nak cari ni?

I told hubby tak perlu rushing pon nak masuk rumah baru, biar kawasan tu settle down dulu.. let other people masuk dulu.. biar kedai2 ready dulu.. rumah skarang pon tak kena bayar apa2, sbb insurance cover all the balance payment lepas mak meninggal.. so I guess, lepas raya baru masuk kot.. tak pon hujung tahun before raya haji.. sbb masa tu hubby cuti sekolah.. blehla ambik cuti utk survey2.. kalau nak survey time bulan puasa, tak larat den..

So, harap2 segalanya berjalan lancar untuk kami.. :) doakan kami ok?

Thursday, August 09, 2007



It was 12th July morning and I need to visit Dr Delaila again since the baby is not out yet.. After the Dr have a regular check-up on me, she was quite worried that baby tak full-engaged lagi walaupon only 3 days left to EDD.. she sent me for an x-ray to check on the pelvic opening.. I started to feel nervous on what to expect.. hubby wasn't by my side at that time.. after 2 hours waiting, i get the x-ray result and returned to Dr Delaila's clinic.. Dr Delaila determined the x-ray result and informed me that it's difficult for me to try normal delivery as the birth canal is 7.8cm while the baby's head is 10cm.. "Caesarean again??" and the Doc said YES.. well, kita hanya merancang, Allah yg menentukan.. during Aisya I went thru emergency C-sect sbb fetal distress, this time plak it's due to CPD (contracted pelvis apa tah..) tapi sbb pelvic opening not wide enough for the baby's head to pass thru, mostly because the canal doesn't open wide during the 1st delivery.. Doc cakap kalau nak cuba normal boleh tapi dia confident that I will go thru the same episode like it was during Aisya if I gave a try.. dengan hati yg sebak, hati ini meredhakan ketentuanNya.. "asalkan mama & baby selamat" I whispered to myself.. My operation was scheduled on Friday afternoon, which is the next day.. I told hubby and he shared the same feelings with me.. then we comfort ourselves, bukan nak anak ramai sangat pon.. 4 paling ramai, enough la tu..


So, the next morning, we packed everything and went to SJMC.. after checked-in to the ward and have the normal procedures, I was pushed to the OT at 3.00pm.. I had ephidural at about 3.20pm.. the anaesthetist did a great job, i felt only a slight pain on my back.. semuanya rasa cepat sangat.. my sight was covered with a cloth and my lower body started to feel numb.. I can feel Dr Delaila made an incission on my womb and think it's funny because I didn't feel any pain.. after about 5 minutes, I started to feel weird and nervous, why the baby isn't coming out yet? I can still remember it was so easy peasy during Aisya.. everybody kept silent and busy doing their job, unlike during Aisya where they chit chat about Hari Raya.. after a while, 2 people were pushing hard on my tummy to get the baby out.. I was suffocating and told the nurses that I couldn't breath.. I felt so tired and worried and eventually burst into tears.. the anaesthetist came to me and comfort me.. he said that everything's gonna be alright.. Finally the baby is out and I cried upon hearing the baby's cry.. the nurse brought the baby to me so that i could kiss him.. I kissed him and cried.. the nurse brought the baby out to the nursery and that was the last thing I remembered.. I woke up some time later and found myself in the recovery room.. a nurse stood by me and I asked her "where is my baby?" and she said "don't worry, the baby's in the nursery".. I was too tired that I felt asleep before the operation ended..

Alhamdulillah, everything was just fine despite the complication I had in the OT.. so, 13th July 2007 3.52pm, bertambah lagi seorang ahli keluarga En Fairoz.. and we named our baby boy Faris Akasyah.. Faris means yang alim/ahli firasat while Akasyah is the name of Rasulullah's friend.. besides, arwah mak pernah suruh letak nama Akasyah kat nama anak sempena nama my hubby.. Alhamdulillah, dah termakbul niatnya..

Ok, that's enough for now.. will upload Faris's picture and update on my confinement story later on! oh btw, I spoke English while I was in the OT.. bile pk balik, cam klakar plak rasa.. hehe