Thursday, January 05, 2006

she's 1yr old and she bites!

Everyday we will pick up Aisya from the nursery at around 730pm.. As usual, Aisya will be so delighted (and her mouth continuously shouts Mama or Papa) every time she sees us waiting at the front door.. She'll kiss-hand (salam) all the guardians downstairs and rush towards us.. she's really cute and behave in that way..

However, she's becoming a bit aggresive now (maybe because of her closest peer is a boy name Daniel).. Aisya's all-time-favourite guardian, whom we call Makcik told us yesterday that Aisya's jealousy has becoming out of control.. she'll be jealous if Makcik carries another baby/toddler and it becomes worse when someone sits on Makcik's lap.. Aisya will push aside the baby/toddler and climbs on Makcik no matter what.. And each time she wakes up from sleep, she'll cry and sob for not having Makcik around.. She pulls other toddlers' hair, pushes them to fall, grabs their toys/food and the worst thing-she even bites!! I've been told yesterday that Aisya'd bite Daniel and other fellows and got them some bruises.. oh God! I'm afraid that someone might sue me or the nursery one day.. her obsession towards Makcik is so certain!

But at home, things are totally different.. Aisya has no rival to compete for the toys/food or attention.. she's really a good & nice girl (she talks & laughs most of time!).. we guess her behaviour at the nursery is some sort of her battle in winning the utmost attention from Makcik by competing with her rivals.. sigh.. that's the problem when we have a really good, caring & loving care-taker for our child.. =P

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Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rindu nyeh aunty uyu kat icha! =(