Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 TO DO list!

(in no particular order):

1) buy a house (still searching for a freehold house at Shah Alam area)
2) Masters in..? (MBA/EMBA/Engineering?but where?)
3) part-time job (tuition teacher/blogging (haha)/direct selling?)
4) 2nd baby (.. i like this one! =)
5) cook more for the family (and save more money!)
6) exercise more (MUST DO thing! I pay for the gym ok..)
7) save more money (in Tabung Haji/ASB/Unit Trust..)
8) read Quran more often (maybe khatam at least 2 times..)
9) family vacation (able to get return free tickets to Kota Kinabalu!)
10) buy CLARKS shoes (really admire the comfortness!)
11) change skincare product to SK II (hahaha..)

so little money, but so much things to do.. hempp.. what else??


Anonymous said...

kite pun cam berminat SKII la julie, hehe *berangan* awak penah survey tak package price dia? kalau ada bgtau kite eh?

julie.yaacob said...

hehe.. awak pon berangan cam kite ek.. pakej die yg minimum (basic) rasanya dlm 300.. nanti kite jumpe kite inform awak ek..

y@tipruzz said...

wah bagusnya angan2 korang..ntah bila aku bley pki sk tuh hoho

skang korang pki ape?

y@tipruzz said...

julia, mba kat mmu nak tak? kite tgh pk2 gak nih

Anonymous said...

skang pakai neutrogena. tp teringin gaks nak pakai SKII tu la hehe. brand power!

julie.yaacob said...

skang ni pakai campur2.. teruk tak.. hehe.. pakai sri mawar.. jerawat & parut2 hilang tapi whitehead lak tambah.. geram nak picit.. dulu pakai artistry, no pimples no whitehead.. skang ni nak tukar balik ke artistry sbb nak pakai skII kena tunggu bonus!

mba kat mmu? actually kite nak try public university, just nak merasa culture yg ramai malay & lecturer yg ramai malay.. graduation pon sure lebih menarik!

y@tipruzz said...

neutrogena mahal dak huda?

kite pon tingin public U, tp pk nak senang dekat ngan umah n ofis tu igt nak buat kat mmu jer. UPM dulu dah try tp hampeh tak suke upm hoho

julie.yaacob said...

UPM tak best ek.. kite nak try uitm.. mcm best je adek kakak kite sume uitm.. tapi tu laa ntah bile nak start.. maybe lepas beli rumah area sane kot.. heehe

Anonymous said...

neutrogena x mhl sgt lah..

kite pakai campur2 gak. sblm ni brand apetah *tak ingat* mak kite beli. best sbb jerawat x tumbuh (except b4 menstruate ada sket2) pastu kulit cerah sket. x de mengelupas2. skang dah out of supply, pakai neutrogena plak.

uitm? kitorg pun berminat kat sane gak hehe.

Anonymous said...

kenape org minat sk11?

do u know ppl with success stories using this product? Gee, deana yussoff, qi qi aside.

it certainly puts an unmendable hole in ur wallet.

For the $$ ur paying,does the usage stretch long enuff for it to become worth it or for u to see results.

Actually I myself not sure why Im not interested with this product.Maybe because I know I cant afford it!! Or even if I can it will only be a one time thingy caused Id be stressed up everytime I need to replenish.

I only know 1 person using this product. And for her problematic skin so far using it has been money down the drain if u ask me. And she told me it last for about 2 months!!

To me, if u have money to spend, its wise if u sign up for facial treatment as well rather than spending it all on the skincare products. But u have to seek beauty centres then.

Cop! SKII adeker beauty centre? Kalau tader, another point for me to not use it.

For this comment I should have my blog kan? Panjang plak!!

julie.yaacob said...

hempp.. after reading qz pov, i think i'm on her side already.. hehe.. i just say that id like to try it cause i do not know the exact price yet.. normally i dont even dare going near the sales counter to ask or take a closer look.. u've changed my mine qz.. i shall stick to what has been best for my skin.. so, i shall pursue with Artistry & don't have to burn my wallet.. Artistry just costs me around RM200-RM250 for the basic set.. and it could last for a year! thanks for the wisest advise my dear!

y@tipruzz said...

qz, tulis la blog sendiri! am sure u definitely have lots of things to be discussed and shared among us....tulis la tulis la...aku rajin gak bace rumet nyer.

y@tipruzz said...

skincare products - never do i ever considered of trying the branded one, like qz, i know better my fin condition hence that would be of my last choice of spending my hard earned money on that..hehe aku lebey suke spend money on food!

Anonymous said...

haha.. julie dah cantik dah.. dont have to invest alot on natural beauty :). Ingat lg dulu chort penah ckp.. ramai org minat julie mase pre-U.. in other words membangge diri lah tuh coz he was the best man that won.. hahahahaha .. peace chort!

yati ...writing my on blog? hmmm.. still shy 2 laa.. bile bace balik ape qz tulis.. mane budak nih blaja english haa? main taram je.. gile malas nak proof read.

Anonymous said...

pergh..SKII tu.

huhu...pakaila julie..aku sokong. nak harap aku pakai mimpi la...tak mampu den. yang mampu pakai olay rm9 je. tapi neutrogena pon okay gak.

julie.yaacob said...

oh qz.. i'm blushing now (",) thanks anyway!

yups i think i can't afford it yet.. wait until chot becone really2 rich (GM pon dah cukup), then i can spend his earnings on beautiful clothes, branded skincare range & jewelleries (i can see diamonds already).. then just goyang kaki kat rumah, visit beauty center every month, play with the kids.. shopping & shopping and so on.. and so on.. (dream mummy dream..)

zura! what a suprise! welcome to my blog! takde duit lagi la zura.. hehe.. aku pakai Artistry jer ok so far.. lain2 product didn't go well with me..

Ummu Auni said...

Julie, ko tahu produk nak hilangkan blackhead tak. aku pimples mmg tak ada dari dulu, tapi geram nak picit blackhead. tak tahu nak guna produk ape...yg selalu guna biore pore pack la. tu pun sikit jer tanggal (punyalah kebal blackhead atas hidung aku ni)

bila nak sambung mba kat uitm ke masuk field lain?

julie.yaacob said...

nak hilangkan blackhead? hermpp.. masa aku guna artistry mmg takde sgt blackhead sampaikan budak yg buat facial puji kulit aku.. tapi lepas try sri mawar ni, jerawat takde sgt tapi white/blackhead yg banyak.. aku nak try guna balik artistry.. kalau ok nanti aku recommend.. selain tu tak tau sgt sbb jarang2 tukar.. malas nak try2..

nak sambung MBA insya-Allah.. kat uitm insya-Allah.. ingat nak tunggu beli rumah dulu & beranak lagi sorang baru proceed.. hehe..

y@tipruzz said...

artistry tu jual kat mane? brape complete set?

awak tgh nak dptkan adik utk aisya eh? hehe

Anonymous said...

rasanya artistry ni barangan amway (if i'm not mistaken). anyway julie, do share with us how one can easily get the items :)

julie.yaacob said...

well.. kalau nak, i can order it for you through my uncle.. this is the link for basic skincare..


julie pakai Moisture rich set.. basically utk kulit kering.. takde sabun, pencuci dia pon cam lotion sket..

kalau kulit berminyak boleh pakai clarifying set.. kalau kulit sensitive plak bleh pakai delicate care set..

tapi kat situ takde price list.. julie pon tak ingat gak harga tapi murahla compared to Sri Mawar which I am using now.. (bukan tanak promote SM tapi tak mampu dah rasanya.. <-- lagi mau berangan pakai SK-II.. haha)

Anonymous said...

haha tu la. as said earlier, pakai SKII = berangan.

iAllah kalau kite rasa nak tukar to artistry bley order kat julie lah. nak get rids of whiteheads ni la, rimas. tp oily skin mmg lecey sket, like mine. thanks julie for sharing!

y@tipruzz said...

julie, bley dptkan harga utk clarifying set tu tak..yati pon oily gak cam huda...

julie.yaacob said...

worite huda.. u r welcome!

yati, nanti kite dapatkan.. dah ada nanti kite email awak ek..

Anonymous said...

haha...actually skII is really good (if u can afford)...cuma dia xde range 4 sensitive skin...so kalo ada jerawat, jgn la cuba2 beli, lagi teruk adala...but if masalah just blackheads or dryness, trust me it really works...

kalo nk guna 1 jer produk skII, i suggest the "Facial Treatment Essence" (skII's star product)...memang agak mahal la...(RM298 for 150ml)...but i have a friend using it for the 4th year...trust me, it really works...!!!

however, artistry is something really worth the money...it comes with large packaging and could last for almost a year...price? app RM200 for 1 set (cleanser, toner, moisturizer)