Saturday, January 07, 2006

TMNet Streamyx + Astro at your home

We just arrived in Kota Bharu Kelantan a few hours ago.. It's 1am already but since I had a sound sleep during the flight, I don't really feel like going to bed early.. (plus I had a cup of black coffee already =)

Going back to my parent's house has becoming a lot more interesting now (in terms of entertainment to be exact).. we had broadband internet connection via TMNet Streamyx installed since last 2 years (replacing the slow 1515 dial-up connection) and the latest one is Astro.. I don't have to wait for delayed show of my favourites anymore - CSI, House and etc.. etc..! and plus, I can leave Aisya enjoying cartoon programs at Cartoon Network while me doing the cooking in the kitchen!

As for having broadband internet connection at home, I can blog at anytime at faster pace, buy online flight ticket, pay bills and even read office emails! Actually hubby and I have thought of installing TMNet Streamyx at our Puchong house too, coz it really could benefit us especially during the weekends and holidays (precisely to do office work), but our monthly spending right now doesn't allow us to pursue.. so, most probably we'll have it in our own house later on..

By the way, to know more about TMNet Streamyx Broadband Internet package, you may visit or simply click here.. it's a huge money-saving using TMNet Streamyx as compared to the conventional 1515 Dial-up connection (also offered by TMNet)! it's because you can get connected a way faster than the normal 1515 and you can remain connected as long as want without hasle!


Anonymous said...

julie.. selamat hari raye!!!
wah.. high tech gaks rumah kat kb eh? rumah kite kat cheras pon x de astro.. streamyx jgn ckp laa.. hahaha.. rumet ingat nak install streamyx lagik bile pantang kat cheras..hahaks

julie.yaacob said...

qz.. selamat hari raya 2 u too! ha ah.. kat kb nih macam-macam ada.. hehe.. kat puchong line telefon pon tarak.. baguslaa nak install streamyx kat cheras tuh.. kalau tak sure boring gak dok umah sorang2 masa baby tido.. =)

Anonymous said...


selamat hari raya.. maaf zahir batin.. found ur blog tru semah's fotopages. QZ due date bile eh? mine, dalam mid february.. tgh sarat jugakz nih.. pantang pun kat penang ni jek, pantang sorang lah.. sebab ilhan takder org nak jaga kalau balik kg pon..

julie.yaacob said...

ullllll.. hehe.. welcome to my blog.. nanti raya cine ingat nak gi jalan rumah ko.. kalau aku lupe, ko tlg ingatkan ek.. hehe.. nak tgk perut ko yg boyot tuh..