Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Awww!!! Sakitnye!!!

huh.. yesterday was a very unforgettable day.. I went to see the doctor at Klinik Zarif here in Menara Telekom to check for my 'cagu' at my right foot.. to be exact, at the ibu jari kaki.. (err.. do u know what is 'cagu' anyway?? when the nail get stuck in the flesh!! aww!!) actually i've been suffering the 'cagu' for almost 10 months!! really bad, uh? it started during my pregnancy last year and i guess i put on weight too much!! hehe.. (",)

that's the history.. so i went to the doctor with a dup dap dup dap in my heart.. noticing there's nobody in the clinic.. huh.. so many butterflies in the stomach! I told the doctor about the poor toe.. (actually i've seen her before for the same problem but she advice me to apply the cream she gave first.. unfortunately it does'nt work well..)

me: Dr, ni pasal cagu hari tu.. tak baik2 lagi..
Dr: emm.. so, nak kerat kuku la ni?
me: err.. ha ah.. (uwaa!! i finally say yes?) ada bius tak?
Dr: mestila ada.. (smiling) jom ikut saya..

i walked behind her to the 'OT'..

Dr: juliana, baring sini..
me: ok..

then i lied on the bed.. patiently waiting..

Dr: saya akan bius dulu kaki u.. kalau tak bius mmg sakit sangat2.. ni nak cucuk bius ni sakit sikit tau..
me: ok.. (speechless)

suddenly.. arghhh.. uhh.. errkk.. uwaaa!! sakitnyerrr!! this is not sikit!!

me: aduh! aduh! sakitnye..

then she rubs my ibu jari.. i think that's to make sure the ubat bius spread over the foot.. her assistance suddenly came in..

Asst: cagu ke? nak potong ye Dr? pakai pisau?
Dr: ha ah..

O My God!.. kecut perut ERA when i heard the word pisau.. then the 'operation' started.. my breathing is out of control.. i breath in sooo deeply & breath out sooo loudly.. it's reaaaally painful when the Dr started digging out the nail from the flesh & cutting it!! again & again!!

me: sakitnye.. aduh! (weaning softly<-- to control 'macho'.. hehe)
Dr: kalau kat kaki mmg sakit sikit walaupun dah bius..
me: uhh.. oic..

I swear i shall never let the cagu to appear again after this.. the 'operation' ended after 15 minutes.. the Dr wrap my ibu jari tightly so that it will lessen the pain.. she gave me some painkiller & pills to reduce the swollen..

me: baper lama buleh baik ni Dr? (I'm able to calm down already.. hehe)
Dr: ermm.. 3 hari dah baik biasanya
me: ni ubat ni bile buleh start makan?
Dr: pukul 6ptg nanti u start ambik, ok? then esok datang balik utk cuci luka tu..
me: ok.. thanks Dr.. (smiling in pain..)

I walked out the clinic with a wrapped toe.. hehe.. it looks funny & I have to walk carefully, avoiding bumping into anything in front of me (which always happen to me <-- maybe this is how the cagu appear.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..)

And today i need to see the Dr again to clean that wound.. hehe.. no more pain!! =)

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