Tuesday, March 29, 2005

>> about Aisya <<

2 days ago, hubby and I noticed a few improvements in our little Aisya..

1st, scary but funny, Aisya has learnt to make a non-stopping monster-like sound.. and i really love to immitate whatever she did, and make her staring at me wondering why her mom is acting just like a baby.. ngeee.. i think i should record and play it here..

2nd, so far her solid-food eating session went on smoothly.. and she kind of love the Gerber plain rice a lot! when i say "Aisya, open the hangar.. Aaaa.." as if to instuct her to open her mouth, she will smile widely & i will hurriedly feed her with a spoonful-Gerber-rice.. ngeh ngeh.. she will swallow it hardly, but it is a great success in the end.. she swallow most of it without a mess!! clever Aisya.. mommy is so happy dear!! =) mommy will train daddy to feed you soon.. (as a preparation to leave Aisya with her papa later on >> when I have to go for TMW teambuiding course for 3 days @ Bagan Lalang!! uhh.. bored..)

3rd, Aisya could rolled from back to front & vice-versa again and again without our help!! Even Tok Cik is so suprised with her improvement.. she weigh a lot now & don't want to lie on her back anymore.. bored, i guess.. but uhhh.. mommy's hand is gaining muscle.. (erkk.. but unnoticed yet.. maybe still covered by the fat!! hihi) she can hold her head straight up and pretend to fall to her side again and again thus making us panic most of the time.. errghh.. just wait until she could crawl.. UWAAAaaaa!!!!!

tired? yupp!!.. but i think this is the most happiest moment since our marriage.. having a beautiful little baby really cheers up our relationship.. her coos, gurgles & her laugh really2 ease the tense we had at work.. what a miracle a baby could bring to your life.. (",)

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