Thursday, October 27, 2005

the new mood.. emmpp..

well.. thot of having a new 'skin' for my blog.. just to refresh my mind.. and off-course my life.. it's been sooo long since my last update.. bz like bees?? yupp, for sure.. piles of work coming in after our unit had this so called re-allignment.. hectic schedule?? yupp, i agreed.. Aisya has been sick for more than 1 month already.. Dh and me decided that we should take turns to look after her at home after the doc. confirmed that she got "campak" (she got both measles + chickenpox, we guess).. this is parenthood.. it's not easy if you do it all by your own and no grandparents involved.. we made to know that the days we spend full-time with her were really meaningful to our relationship and off-course our small family.. every single minutes count.. she's becoming more tied-up to us as compared to before.. feeling lucky?? yupp.. like the malay/muslim says.. "sesuatu yg berlaku, pasti ada hikmahnya.."

she made six steps forward and never give up to give another try.. she learns to throw and kick a ball.. she could already pronounce pa-pa & ma-ma clearly.. she even knows how to joke!! aren't we lucky to witness all that?? one thing that cheerish me the most, when i returned home on the day Dh's turn to babysit Aisya, the moment i opened the front door, she'll peep to see who's coming, and the moment she saw me, she crawled towards me in dead rush, and giggling shouting "ma-ma!!".. can u imagine how happy i am???

well, after 3 yrs of working & 2 yrs of marriage, i finally come to this conclusion - all i need the most in my life right now, is the love and support from my loving Dh and our beautiful Aisya.. =) i told you.. life is beautiful.. Posted by Picasa

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